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4 Tips for Making a Good Pet Insurance Even Better


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Good Pet Insurance

Yes, it’s possible for pet insurance to get even better. All of the must-know insider secrets are in this blog!

Okay okay, if we are being completely honest here, pet insurance is already pretty great. With exceptional benefits and an elite all-access pass to the best veterinarians in the country, how could it get any better, you ask? Well, turns out that when you’ve been in the industry for as long as I have, you learn a few important insider secrets.

So, if you are looking to get the most out of pet insurance, you’ve come to the right person, because I don’t only know all of the perks. I’m currently benefiting from them right now.

It’s your turn to do the same.

1.           Have a chatty insurance partner

Now, before you start rolling your eyes, just hear me out. Before you skip over this point because of a bad telemarketer experience, this point is vital. In order to have the best pet care experience with your insurer you actually have to have a good relationship with them. One where they are not hesitant to answer all of your difficult questions or even re-explain certain parts of your policy to you – calmly.

Knowing that you can comfortably call on your insurer and feel welcomed and safe, is an absolute essential. In fact, it’s something that you should demand. The person on the other end of your phone call should be as dedicated to your pet’s wellbeing as you are and that means being willing to put in the work (and phone calls).

 2.         Know your definitions

I cannot stress this point enough as it truly is the difference between good pet insurance and outstanding coverage. The reality is that not all pet parents are in the pet insurance industry. This means encountering a number of terms and industry jargon that you are not familiar with. Adding new words to your vocabulary may not have been on your to-do list, but it should be.

You will improve your experience with your pet policy tenfold if you take the time out to learn what it all means. By understanding the terms and phrases used, you avoid future situations where this comes back to haunt you.

Trust me when I say that you will be happiest when you know what you’re actually getting out of your policy. That way everyone is on the same page, you fully understand your coverage and you have a happy (and healthy) pet.

3.           Get more pets

Any excuse to add to your fur family, am I right? Literally, if you were considering getting another pet – here is your sign.

On a more serious note, though, if you really want to score with pet insurance and access a special kind of benefit, you’ll need a few more pets. The great thing about pet insurance is that they LIVE for families that are insuring their pets. In fact, they are so dedicated to making sure that your four-legged family members have adequate healthcare that they have an incentive for you.

Most pet insurers will offer families with more than one pet a special discount. If one of your pets is already enrolled in their pet policy program, then you are eligible for an additional discount on your policies! It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

4.           Keep your pet healthy

This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s a point worth mentioning because pet insurers reward families that prioritise their pet’s wellbeing. Yes, you have access to veterinarians that can help, but the responsibility is on YOU to maintain a proper preventative strategy.

Show your pet insurance provider that you are consistently taking your pet for walks, feeding them healthy breed-specific food etc. The aim here is to get stellar feedback from your vet that you are implementing an effective preventative strategy at home.

Healthier pets are happier pets, which means that they are easier (and less expensive) to cover. It’s as simple as that!

Essentially, be a responsible pet parent and put the necessary things in place to ensure holistic health when it comes to your pet. Don’t forget that they rely on you to help them, so try not to slack off!

The aim of this blog was to keep things short and sweet for a reason. Pet insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and long-winded and to be honest, it shouldn’t be. Accessing additional benefits and perks should also be simple from the get-go. Once you incorporate these 4 tips into your future or existing pet policy you will instantly witness how the pet care world fully opens its doors for you.

You deserve the keys to the castle of pet care excellence and now you have them. The real question is whether or not you’ll actually use them.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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