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Is post-operative care included in pet insurance?


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post-operative care included

Preparing your pet for major surgery can feel incredibly stressful and overwhelming…and then you remember that they still need to pay your way through their post-op journey. Or do you? Let’s find out!

The reality of a pet emergency

If we’re being completely honest, when we hear the jarring news that our pet needs to go in for surgery two things generally come to mind. The first one is the sheer panic of knowing that you have to completely relinquish control over to your veterinarian.

Knowing that no amount of belly rubs, snacks and chew toys will be able to rescue your pet at that moment is terrifying. Take it from me when I say that waiting for your pet to come out of surgery will be the longest wait of your life.

But the worry doesn’t end there, unfortunately.

The second wave of stress comes in when you realise that board-certified animal surgeons don’t come cheap. Their knowledge, skills and time are expensive - and for good reason too! They are doing everything humanely possible to save and rescue your pet.

Watching them throw all their might behind your pet’s health and safety is comforting and usually means that you won’t spare any money to access this level of medical care. All of a sudden, when your fur baby is in need, money is no object…until it is.

The true price of pet ownership

Research shows that most households do not actually have the financial flexibility to afford even more basic pet surgeries, never mind the more intricate ones. As you’ve probably already guessed, this doesn’t leave you with many options.

Oftentimes pet owners are forced to tussle between either economic euthanasia or medical debt. Neither of which should EVER be an option. So, what does this leave you with? A hefty bill.

When your pet goes in for an operation you are actually swiping your card for a number of surgery-related elements. From the sophisticated procedures to the time-consuming veterinarian expertise, persistent monitoring by skilled nursing staff and their state-of-the-art equipment - the extent of care is high (and pricey).

However, vet bills don’t have to be your responsibility.

Your knight in shining armour

Very few things will ever be as comforting as knowing that you’ve got comprehensive pet insurance. In moments of panic when you’re anxiously awaiting news from the surgeon, you deserve as many sighs of relief as possible. The best companion you can have (besides your pet) is a pet policy. Time and time again I have witnessed how pet insurance has come to the rescue of pet parents across the globe.

The peace of mind that you will be granted knowing that your pet’s surgery has been covered is indescribable. Peeling your eyes over all of those zeros and knowing that the bill is not your worry is what every pet owner deserves to experience.

Surgery is an invaluable tool used to save pets and its exorbitant price shouldn’t keep you from accessing it. Especially given the fact that you cannot foresee when most surgeries are needed, you want to have an exceptional insurer in your corner that you can access whenever it’s needed.

However, let the record show that while your pet’s medical bills will be covered that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their journey back to health. In fact, the actual work starts the moment that the surgery is over.

Where the REAL work starts

Once your fur baby is home it is now your responsibility to lead their postoperative care journey. Everything from their comfort, safety, and recuperation is now your responsibility. Remember that our pets do not have the ability to fully understand and comply with the instructions of your vet, so you’ll have to take care of that for them.

It’s crucial that you also acknowledge that postoperative care works to aid healing, minimizes the risk of requiring additional corrective surgeries, speeds recovery, and is vital to a successful outcome.

Debunking the biggest post-surgery myth

Now contrary to popular belief, the post-surgery journey is almost just as costly as the surgery itself. Because surgeries are a once-off cost, it generally hurts your wallet a little more. However, with post-operative care, it’s a number of small costs that eventually add up. To save yourself from the shock, especially at the end of the month, it’s best that you know ahead of time.

Taking care of your pet after they have undergone such a major ordeal takes patience, guidance … and well, money. So naturally, most pet policyholders wonder the exact same thing: will my policy cover the costs involved with effective postoperative care.

Who tackles the bill?

Again, in the same way, pets are different, so are pet policies, so keep that in mind. That being said, most pet insurers will cover postoperative care when you opt-in for their more exhaustive policy options.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that you can rest easy knowing that one's surgery bills are paid and your insurer will continue to fund your pet’s journey back to health. This includes covering the following costs:

  1. Follow up vet visits
  2. Approved prescribed medication
  3. Policy approved tests
  4. Wellness cover
  5. Routine care

The main takeaway

When you are taking our pet insurance, don’t be lured in by the smaller pet policy plans. The price tag associated with that policy should not be the only deciding factor. If you have the means to opt for the most comprehensive cover - take it!

This will ensure that you have access to additional support long after your pet’s surgery is done. And quite frankly, we all deserve that level of comfort and care.


Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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