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The anatomy of pet insurance - from top to tail!


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The anatomy of pet insurance

I recently had the privilege of doing a full autopsy on pet insurance and upon further investigation into its anatomy, it’s clear why pet policies are dominating the insurance industry.

Let the record show that I am by no means a medical doctor (although I’d like to think medical dramas have equipped me for this blog). That being said, that does not take away from the fact that dissecting the parts of a stellar pet insurance policy will reveal a number of exceptional benefits. All of which deserve their moment under the surgery lights!

To make this easier, and to somewhat flex my knowledge of vital organs, we will be looking at pet policies through 5 crucial organs/body parts.

Ready to be impressed?

The head

As we all (should) know, our heads hold our brains; the incredibly complex organ that essentially dictates how we regulate our bodies. It is responsible for logic, contemplation and logical cognitive thinking. In the same way that your brain churns through various options that work towards your greater good, the same can be said about pet insurance.

The brain of this operation is undoubtedly the various pet policy options that are out there. In the same way that your brain will opt-in for the best choices, so has your pet insurer. Both your brain and your insurer are solution orientated. You then have the option to choose from these various solutions which have been pre-approved on your behalf.

Notice the correlation here?

See, pet insurance ensures that you have a number of holistically reviewed options that will ultimately save your pets life. From accident-only coverage to comprehensive coverage, all of your choices have already been precalculated for you in a way that prioritizes your pet’s health, wellbeing and happiness.

The throat

Your throat is designed for a number of purposes, however, more specifically, it is the part of the body that holds your vocal cords. This is where you verbally articulate your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Now, while our pets do in fact have vocal cords of their own, their language of choice cannot exactly be understood by human beings. Your job as a pet owner is to ensure that you find knowledgeable people who can speak out on your pet’s behalf.

With pet insurance granting you access to the best medical professionals in the country, you can find renowned veterinarians that will communicate on behalf of your pet. With their knowledge and specialised expertise, they will enrol your pet in various wellness regimens and programs that will help maintain their health.

Better yet, pet insurance will further prove their commitment by not only opening doors to medical facilities but helping cover the costs. Exploring this function of pet insurance means that your vet bills (which are incredibly expensive) will be covered.

Pet insurance also allows you to choose the vet of your choice meaning that you can find a vet that speaks perfectly on behalf of your furbaby!

The heart

Pet insurance has been created for a number of reasons, most of which have been articulated earlier in this blog. However, at its core, pet insurance is all about love. There truly is no better way to prove your affection, care and adoration for your pet than with pet insurance. Pet policies are the basis of any love story between a pet and its owner.

The heart can be seen in the way that pet insurers accept the adventurous and somewhat mischievous nature of our pets and look to protect them. From accident and illness cover to more comprehensive packages, your pet can be whomever they want to be and explore all the facets of their personality – freely!

In the event of a hereditary disease, sprain or broken bone, pet insurance will swoop in and cover the bills. Allowing your pets to be who they are, with insurance at arm’s length, is the ultimate declaration of love.

The gut

This is where the intuition of your pet insurer exists. The gut is what tells your insurer the need for your pet to continuously have 24/7 care. Whether it is a medical emergency or a simple routine checkup the idea here is that their gut has always told them the importance of adequate pet care. In their commitment to protecting your pet, you as the pet owner, are encouraged to do the same.

Giving in to their gut feeling, pet insurers now offer the following benefits to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet:


  • Routine care
  • Wellness cover
  • Dental benefits
  • Vaccinations


These additional perks were added after realizing the pet cover would have to be holistic and encompass these factors too! So, without their instinctive feelings, several of these benefits would never have been included.

The legs

The legs of pet insurance will have you sprinting towards the best form of preventative care. Pet insurance is not for the sick or even for the extremely healthy pet – it is for everyone! The role of a pet insurer's legs is to ensure that we keep up the pace when it comes to several important preventative care measures.

Their movements revolve around maintaining your pet’s optimum health. Essentially, preventative care is there to help detect any potential medical issues early on, so that you can deal with them sooner rather than later. Not only could this save your pet’s life but save you THOUSANDS of Rands too.

If one thing is exceptionally clear about pet insurance it is that throughout its entire anatomy, exceptional pet care is seen throughout. Witness it for yourself today and you will be amazed at the results.


Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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