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Do all animals receive the same meds? And does pet insurance cover medication?


Jade Poole

pet insurance cover medication

Just like humans, pets are also prescribed medication, but how much do you actually know about pet-specific meds? Let’s put your knowledge to the test!

Being as obsessed with pet health as I am has honestly opened my eyes to the wonders that are happening in the veterinary sector. The number of medical and technological advances that are happening in this industry are astounding. Every single day we witness innovative ways in which veterinarians are looking to help treat our pets.

However, as it goes with any great discovery, we see a substantial increase in pricing. The same can be said for veterinarian treatments and visits, which are currently rivalling human medical costs. Especially when it comes to pet-specific medication.

What is prescribed pet-specific medication?

With pet-related illnesses increasing regularly, medicinal options have had to keep up with the current demand, which means new medications being introduced into the market.

When it comes to defining this term, pet-specific medication generally means that whenever your pet has been prescribed medication to treat a health issue, they are receiving a pet-specific medication.

This can range from anxiety pills to allergy meds, pain relievers, blood pressure pills and antibiotics to name a few. These options are only recognised if they are FDA approved and prescribed by a registered veterinarian.

So, with the prices of medication going up, does this mean that pet insurance will curb some of those costs?

How much does this kind of medication cost?

Medication in general is not one of your kinder expenses. Heading to your pharmacy can easily wreak havoc on your credit card in just a few minutes. The same can be said for your pet!

Depending on your pet’s condition, prices can range pretty drastically, with medicine costs ranging from between R100 up into the late thousands – easily!

These high prices are based on the fact that they are designed specifically for animals, which requires additional testing and medicinal combinations, which aren’t cheap to manufacture.

Looking at chronic pet medication

Before I get into how medication works with pet insurance, I should warn you that every pet insurer is different. There is no general umbrella approach that goes across the board, so keep that in mind. What I am about to mention is one of the most common practices you will likely encounter when you look at various pet policies.

Most pet insurers will cover the costs of once-off medication as part of your vet visit, which is great! It is generally seen as part of the visit and an element of routine cover, so you will be all good on that front.

Their approach to chronic medication, however, looks a little different.

Most pet insurers will let you claim for chronic medication for pre-existing conditions. You will, however, be subject to a waiting period. This means that you will have to wait a certain period of time before your policy kicks in and begins covering chronic medication for your pet.

Can medication be shared?

I know that it can be incredibly tempting to do whatever it takes to cut down your vet bills. All of a sudden you realise that you are taking similar medication to your pet, so why not give them a few of your antihistamines or pain killers? This thought process is surprisingly common – just look at any vet’s FAQ page.

And so, I think it’s worthwhile that we end this thought process once and for all: you CANNOT share YOUR medication with your pet.

The same can be said about sharing medication between your pets. This practice is incredibly dangerous and can cause serious damage to your pet’s healthcare journey. Remember that a number of factors are involved in the prescription of medication. This includes your pet’s weight, breed and severity of their illness.

Finally, sharing medication between your animals also means that your other pet will not get the required dosage of their medication, which will hamper their treatment process.

Pet medication and insurance policies

Naturally, you must be curious as to how you can eliminate some of the costs involved with pet medication. Thankfully, there is a solution, and it is undoubtedly pet insurance. This is the best way to sidestep some of the major budget-breaking prices involved whenever your pet is in need of meds.

The prices of pet medication may vary but your pet insurer’s dedication to your pet’s wellbeing never will. By opting for this coverage, you will be able to get your insurer to cover most of those costs. It should be noted that if you are seeking this kind of benefit, you will most likely have to look at more comprehensive coverage. This will eliminate the element of surprise when you are confronted with a pretty hefty prescription list following a consultation.

Let’s get you the support that you need, and quite frankly deserve, when it comes to pet-related medication by getting you in contact with my personal pet insurer TODAY!

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