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The Pros and Cons of a Puppy Insurance Plan


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Puppy Insurance

As it goes with any life-changing decision, there are a number of pros and cons to consider. The same can be said for pet insurance. So, sit tight as I take you through the pros and cons of purchasing a policy for your beloved furbaby.

I am often asked why I dedicate so much of my writing to pet insurance, and the answer is rather simple: Pet insurance is the ultimate safety net. However, because I have been in this industry for longer than I am happy to expose, it may seem that I am an impartial party. I might have drunk from the ‘insurance’ Kool-Aid but that doesn’t mean that I cannot objectively look at pet insurance.

There are two sides to every coin and varying sides to every story, which is why I’ve taken the liberty of exposing the pros and cons of pet policies. Not only will this give you the perfect aerial view of pet insurance but help you make a well-informed decision.

Pro #1: You can save your pet and your wallet

Let me tell you from first-hand experience that the cost of veterinarian care should not be underestimated. Medical debt is a reality for many South Africans, and I would hate to see you suffer the same fate. So, take it from someone who had to dip into their savings to help their pet: get COMPREHENSIVE pet insurance.

This will also save you from the worst-case scenario: economic euthanasia. Putting your pet down because you cannot afford the costs of medical treatment is heart-breaking. You should never have the burden between choosing your pet’s health or your financial security. It is totally possible to have both. You just need a pet policy.

Con #1: Pet insurance isn’t free

Alright, this one you could have gathered all on your own, but it’s worth mentioning. In order for you to not only gain access to renowned vets and have a safety net at all times, but you’ve also got to cough up some money. Now, naturally, your more comprehensive pet policy is going to cost you more but the benefits definitely outweigh the price…so perhaps this isn’t a con?

However, whenever you add a new debit order to your monthly expenses, you need to budget and plan ahead. And because we are responsible pet parents, we know that cheap policies aren’t always the best! So yes, you will be forking over some money, but you can feel comforted knowing that this will grant you exceptional peace of mind.

Pro #2: You are protected from unexpected accidents

Animals are naturally inquisitive, and while their adventurous temperaments often give us endless hours of footage for Facebook, it also leads to trouble. Accidents happen, and even the most vigilant pet parent will tell you this. Accidents, unfortunately, are incredibly common – just ask your vet! Some of the most common vet visits are a result of a mischievous pet that injured themselves or got themselves sick.

You cannot change the adventurous nature of our animals – and quite frankly we wouldn’t want to. Embracing the personalities of our pets means embracing that they will need coverage for any accidents that happen. Pet insurance will swoop in to rescue your pet whenever they get up to too much trouble.

Con #2: An accident may not happen EVERY month

Many people find it hard to commit to a pet policy because they fear that the number of debit orders will out way the number of accidents. While your pet is highly accident-prone, this doesn’t mean that they will happen often – which is a good thing! So yes, if you’re lucky, your pet won’t be visiting your vet with a new issue every other week.

However, remember that accidents still do happen. And when they do you will be incredibly relieved that you have this extra resource to help you with those bills. Remember the aim of pet insurance is to be there whenever you need it.

Pro #3: You can choose your own vet

Let’s look at human insurance for a quick second…being held to a list of in-network doctors is the bane of my existence. Not only are these in-network doctors not in my neighbourhood, but they ignore my sense of comfort as I’d much prefer to go to my family doctor (whom we have been with for over 15 years).

Well, the same can be said for your pet. You deserve to be in charge of your pet’s medical journey, which includes choosing your own vet. This means that you can choose a vet that is close to you, one that matches your budget and a vet that your pet is comfortable with! What more could you ask for?

Con #3: Certain illnesses and diseases aren’t covered

I know that as human beings we are naturally programmed to skim through most Ts & Cs. However, this careless behaviour comes at a price - and it isn’t cheap! It is important that you familiarise yourself with your pet policy, especially the exclusions.

Exclusions are the illnesses and/or treatments that your insurer will not be covering. This means that you will be responsible for covering those costs yourself. Now, your exclusionary list will differ from pet insurer but one thing that is universally excluded are pre-existing conditions.

I recently wrote a blog about pre-existing conditions, you can check it out here!

Final words

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, but the closest thing we have to ensure a happy and healthy pet is through insurance. While pet policies may have their cons, the pros continuously outweigh any doubts that you may have.

In fact, I am so confident in the powers of pet insurance that I am sending you the link to my personal pet insurer. They will happily go through every single pro and con with you. You can contact them here to help ease your mind and empower your pet!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance team

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