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The top 2 benefits of pet insurance that most people don't know about


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top 2 benefits of pet insurance

There are so many benefits to taking out comprehensive pet insurance, that two very specific pet policy perks seem to get blurred in the chaos…until now.

It doesn’t happen often that we are bombarded with positive news. However, this is a much-deserved guarantee when it comes to pet insurance. Taking out this coverage will grant you access to exceptional medical care like never before. Seriously, this is THEE golden ticket of pet care. And while there are enough benefits to dedicate an entire blog to (which I already have) I’d like to draw your attention to two very specific pet policy benefits that you may be overlooking.

Why do these two specific perks matter?

Yes, I am holding out on revealing what these two benefits are. What can I say, I kind of live for the drama? But besides that, I do believe that I owe it to you to explain why I have decided to focus my attention on these two benefits.

When you are weighing up your pet insurance options you will notice that different insurers come with different included benefits. The onus is then on you to decipher which ones stand out the most to you and adequately meet your pets needs. However, regardless of your budget or your pet insurer of choice, it is important that you have these two specific benefits clearly outlined in your pet policy.

Without them, you would be shutting yourself off from receiving industry-leading pet care. More so, you would also be willing to accept less than you (or your pet) deserve.

So, let’s take a look at the top 2 benefits of pet insurance that are often overlooked.

Pet insurance that lets you choose your own vet

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that any policy that doesn’t grant you this benefit is not worthy of your time…or money. I know this is a big statement to make, but I truly believe because I have witnessed how important this choice is.

When you are in the middle of a pet-related emergency, the last thing that you want to do is have to go through a list of associated vets. The likelihood of them even being in your neighbourhood is slim to none. When your pet is in need of medical care, a time-consuming read of a list of network vet options is unrealistic and quite frankly, dangerous.

The twofold perks of choosing your vet

Medical emergencies aside, your comfort should always be your pet insurers number one concern. You deserve to go to a medical practitioner that puts both you and your pet at ease. Opting for a vet that you have a good rapport with is non-negotiable. Your pet is naturally under a lot of stress when they have to go to the vet so you want someone that can help ease them into the appointment.

The same can be said about you. Having a vet that you can openly confide in with regard to any questions or concerns that you may have is an absolute win! You should feel comfortable sitting with them and mapping out your pet’s health, wellness and routine cover – together!

Pet insurance increases treatment options

One of the greatest (and most overlooked) pet policy benefits is the ability for pet insurance to significantly increase your pet’s treatment options. Now at first glance, you may think that this doesn’t mean much, but this thinking process is harmful. The reality is that accidents and illnesses are increasingly common. Even the most optimistic pet parents will warn you of this.

The harsh reality is that most of our pockets don’t run that deep. There is only so much that we can afford when it comes to pet care. So, when we start hearing about the various pet treatments outlined by our vets, our first instinct is to run. Vets are not cheap and neither are their treatments. In fact, a lack of adequate finds is why economic euthanasia exists. Well, that and medical debt. Neither of which should EVER be an option for you.

The keys to the (medical) castle

Pet insurance is the key to a number of exceptional pet treatment plans. Doors that were once shut because you couldn’t afford them are now wide open. This means that whenever your pet is in need of medical attention the number of care options suddenly increases tenfold.

This is essential because your options will no longer be dictated by the amount of money in your account. Instead, the best most effective option for your pet will dictate their health journey. This is significant as many of the lower-cost treatment options are designed to manage pain and/or side effects as opposed to dealing with the issue head-on.

When it comes to pet insurance, we all have different needs and desires, most of which are dictated by our budget. However, regardless of how flexible your finances are, if you actively choose to zone in on these two benefits, when choosing your pet policy, you are in good hands!


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