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How to avoid these top mistakes first-time pet insurance owners make


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mistakes first-time pet insurance owners make

Calling all pet owners! Signing up for comprehensive pet insurance doesn’t mean that your pet care journey ends there. You could still be falling victim to these common pet insurance mistakes.

Let’s be honest here, nobody is perfect. Becoming a responsible pet parent comes with a lot of trial and error…and a few panicked calls to your local vet. Even then, you are doing the best you can with the pet care knowledge that is made available to you. That being said, it’s important that we remember that our pet’s entire livelihood is in our hands, so it is in our best interest to avoid the following mistakes!

Ignoring the importance of preventative care

There is this common assumption that pet insurance is solely designed for emergencies. However, preventative care is an essential part of your pet’s overall healthcare. If you have taken our comprehensive pet insurance - utilise all of its powers! No other coverage will grant you access to exceptional veterinarian care like pet insurance will.

Adequately investing in preventative care is one of the most profound solutions to common pet illnesses!

Assuming cheaper is better

I know what you’re thinking, and I can confidently say this because I once thought the same way you do. When looking at your monthly debit orders, it’s less of an eyesore to see a lower pet insurance premium than a heftier one. I get it – I’m a stickler for budgeting. However, do not allow yourself to be lured in by a smaller premium without understanding what this decision truly entails. Lower premiums mean restricted access to a number of benefits that you will most likely need in the foreseeable future.

Skimming through the fine print

No one likes to read the terms and conditions page of any document, especially a legally binding pet policy. The thing is, skimming through your terms and conditions could leave you high and dry when it comes to covering certain bills. In fact, the majority of pet owners that have a complaint regarding their policy are the ones who never read the fine print. Yes, it’s tedious and time-consuming but it could save your pet’s life – and your finances.

Misunderstanding how exclusions work

We aren’t all in the insurance industry, which means that it’s completely normal for us to get confused by common insurance terminology. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn. I truly cannot express how important it is that you fully understand what your pet policy exclusions are. Plainly put, these are costs that your pet insurer will NOT cover and will therefore have to be covered out-of-pocket. One of which is pre-existing conditions!

Only insuring your pet because they are sick

This is undoubtedly one of the number one myths circling pet insurance. This myth is not only worth mentioning but elaborating on. If you are purchasing this kind of coverage based on the fact that your pet is sick, then you have completely missed the point of pet insurance.

Pet insurance was designed to cover potential future problems that may arise. If your pet is being insured with pre-existing illnesses, they will not be covered anyway. You would also have to endure a lengthy waiting period too! Pet insurance is a means of preventive care and should be treated as such. Don’t wait until your pet’s health is in the red to take out coverage. Start their wellness journey now, because as the popular saying goes prevention is better than the cure.

Miscalculating excess

Yes, once again the insurance industry is forcing us to add a new word to our vocabulary. But there is no need for a panic sweat here. When signing up for pet insurance you will DEFINITELY come across this word, so let’s ensure that you understand exactly what it means.

Your excess is the amount of money that you will have to pay yourself before your pet insurer steps in and pays. Now, when you opt for a lower excess, it means that while you will have to pay a lot less before your insurance kicks in, just know that your monthly premium will be significantly higher. Similarly, when you have a higher excess, your monthly premium will be significantly reduced.

There is a ‘sweet spot’ where you are able to adequately balance your premium amount and your excess. Chat to your pet insurance company to find it!

Not asking questions

As a general rule of thumb, whenever I am swiping my card for anything, I always ask questions. There is no point in parting with your money without understanding where it’s going. The same can be said for pet insurance. Do not feel awkward about bombarding their inbox or phone line whenever you have a query.

Your pet insurer is there to help navigate you through adequate pet care, so rely on them. If at any point it is either too difficult to get in contact with your pet insurer if you ever feel like a nag, seek out a new pet insurance company. You should ALWAYS feel comfortable asking questions and/or voicing your concerns.

With all of these common mistakes in mind, I have no doubt that you will be able to adequately support the health and wellbeing of your pet. As always, make sure to always do research, improve your knowledge and have comprehensive pet insurance (that you actually understand) in your corner!


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