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Why smaller pet insurers are better


Jade Poole

smaller pet insurers are better

When you’re busy scouring the internet in search of your purr-fect pet insurer, your first instinct may be to click onto the bigger insurance companies. However, research shows that true pet care value lies with the smaller pet insurers.

There is a common misconception that bigger is always better, and well, that just simply isn’t true. The mascot for this is definitely pet insurance companies. In my experience, it is easy to get swept up in the delight of a major insurance firm: they’ve got the lingo down, the staff and advertising spend to convince you.

But if tragedy strikes, being part of a bigger insurance family means you get lost in the crowd.

The power of personalisation

Here’s a quick reality check: the insurance industry can, at times, be a little morbid. More often than not, we are relying on our pet insurers to come and rescue our finances and our pets. Neither of which are particularly exciting.

It is in these moments, where we are in the midst of a medical emergency, that we want to experience high levels of personalisation. Picking up the phone to call your insurance company should not feel like a burden. The insurer on the line shouldn’t make you feel like an inconvenience either.

When a pet insurance company refers to you as their family, it should always feel like that. Not only in their words, but in their actions. Family members are caring, devoted and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe, happy and healthy. You should be able to say the same about your pet insurer.

Smaller pet companies are taking the lead

Unsurprisingly, it seems that more pet owners are looking to smaller pet insurers. And there is one main reason behind this sudden change: pet parents now have higher expectations for their pet’s insurer. Essentially, the bare minimum will no longer cut it.

This strategy is working purely based on the fact that if your expectations are higher, so are your benefits, which in turn means that your pet receives better care. You cannot deny this connection!

This is also driven by the fact that pet owners are realizing how common accidents and illnesses are. The idea of living in denial that accidents aren’t common is not only an emotional risk but a financial one too.

It can be a quick checkup or a major “big ticket” item like a surgery, the demands remain the same – prove your value before I part with my money.

And well, that’s exactly how smaller companies are running things – with YOUR NEEDS top-of-mind.

Perks of smaller insurers

Look, there are so many reasons why you should skip the flashy insurers and opt for the more intimate, smaller insurers. To make this easier on you, let’s look at it from three main perspectives.

Customer care

Do you remember how I had mentioned personalisation earlier on? Well, this point is back, but for good reason. I cannot stress how important customer care is. From personal experience, I have spent long hours listening to the music big companies play when you’re on hold.

Not only does this wreck my phone bill but gives off the impression that “customer care” was more of a marketing ploy than a company standard.

You deserve to interact with companies that may have fewer clients but ultimately have more time to hone in on your specific needs. You are tended to in a manner that is not only professional but makes you feel heard and accommodated for. Those one-on-one interactions only come from smaller companies.

Easy claiming

If you were to do a quick Google search on most pet insurance claims processes, you will note that smaller pet insurance companies tend to have the easiest claims process. Oh, and they aren’t just telling you, they are showing you. Literally in a few simple steps, you’ve sent your claim and the money is back in your pocket… the way it should be.

This is an important detail that smaller pet insurers have perfected. They have studied the markets and noted how most policyholders complain about the lack of support when it comes to claiming. No one likes having to fight to get their money back, and nobody should have to. And well, with these lesser-known insurers, you don’t have to!

User-friendly apps

Ah, the joys of conveniences at your fingertips. Regardless of your thoughts on the current digital age, you cannot deny the simple pleasures involved with sorting out things on an app. We are constantly on our phones so we may as well use them for good.

Many of these insurers have dedicated time, money and resources into developing user-friendly apps that make the lives of policyholders a lot easier. No need to call your insurer unnecessarily. You can just simply log into your app, and everything is there for you…at the mere touch of a button.

The saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ couldn’t be more appropriate than it is for smaller pet insurers. But don’t just take my word for it, experience it yourself! You won’t regret it!

 Until next time,

The Petinsurance Team

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