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Jade Poole

puts your pet first

When it comes to pet care there really is only one plan that works and it’s the best insurance company in the industry!

Over the last decade, I have dedicated my life to discovering the best and most effective ways to secure the health and wellbeing of pets across the country. And while this journey has admittedly led me to unfulfilled insurance promises, underserving coverage and enough headache-inducing lingo to last me a lifetime, I am grateful. All of this led me to the number one form of pet care around: Oneplan.

The proof is in the policies

The reality is that you don’t even have to venture past page 1 of Google to see that there are quite a few pet insurers in the market. Some are good, others are average. However, the overarching truth is that very few will actually prove their unwavering loyalty to your pet.

It’s easy for companies to regurgitate a sales-driven pitch about how they put your pet first, but the real proof lies in their policies. This is where they will reveal how committed they are to your pet, your wallet and customer convenience.

Again, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Oneplan is not only proving that they put your pet first but ultimately have other insurers racing to catch up.

Ready to become the human being that your pet already thinks you are?

Policy Perks of Oneplan

Power at your fingertips

We have officially entered the age where there is an app for everything, so why not add one for your pet? Instead of enduring hours of call centre jingles, you can easily access all of your pet’s healthcare information on your phone – in a matter of seconds. In the event of an emergency, you will have all of your fur baby’s key information using their exclusive Oneplan app.

Claiming made easy

A major deterrent when it comes to insurance is the idea that you have to fight insurers to get your money back. I get it and have experienced it myself. But when Oneplan says that they will put all of their might behind putting your pet first, they mean it. This is why they have created the easiest claims system that I have ever seen. All I’ll say about this is that claiming can literally be done in 4 steps.

Exceptional Preventative care

Our industry’s best preventive care product truly is comprehensive pet insurance from Oneplan. This is based on the fact that they provide your pet with unrestrained access to a number of preventive actions. This includes necessary vaccinations, annual check-ups, dental cleanings and so much more!

It’s natural for most pet parents to ignore preventive care measures because it’s an additional cost, which is why Oneplan is happy to take care of this bill.

The choice is ALWAYS yours

Much like human insurance, many keep you bound to a list of network veterinarians. The issue here is that your comfort, access and convenience are actively being ignored. Oneplan rejects that notion and allows you to choose your desired vet for your pet. This way you are in charge of choosing where you would like to go when your fur-baby is in need of medical attention.

Money in your pocket – INSTANTLY

I have witnessed many pet parents in a situation where they are watching their pet suffer and are unable to help them because they do not have access to the necessary funds. Especially during the current pandemic. Having reserved funds is a privilege that many people are not afforded.

With Oneplan, their team ensures that you always have access to funds for vet visits. They do this through their Onecard that essentially works as your personal debit card.

This way money problems can’t get in the way of efficient pet care!

Double Benefits

Routine care benefits are an important addition to any pet care policy, without them, your pet is denied necessary wellness support. Because of this, Oneplan has introduced a new add-on product under routine care. This means that you get double the routine care benefits that were originally outlined in your chosen pet policy.

If that doesn’t prove that they put your pet first, I don’t know what will.

A team that cares

There is a reason why I have left this point for last. I cannot stress how important it is that you have access to a team that is ALWAYS on your side. Having industry experts in your corner is an important part of effective pet care. Oneplan continuously stresses how they are merely one phone call away – and it isn’t just a marketing ploy!

This means that you have a space to voice all of your pet-related concerns, adjustments you’d like made or insights into pet care. This is a team that you can always lean on when it comes to your pet. Your journey with them doesn’t start and end with your monthly premium.

Join a family that puts your pet first with Oneplan.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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