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Oneplan has done it again. They’ve made a new addition to their Oneplan App – and it’s changing the game. Say hello to their new exclusive Wellness Tracker.

Look, the reality is that if you have clicked on this blog, we already have more in common than you may think. We are lovers of our four-legged family friends, prioritise pet wellness and understand the importance of comprehensive pet insurance.

There is however one more thing you need to know about the person behind this blog: I am a major advocate for Oneplan. Not only do I say this as a long-time client but because they make it so easy to obsess over them. Especially with their latest development: the Oneplan Wellness Tracker

For the busy pet parent

If your schedule is anything like mine, you know that life gets crazy pretty quickly. From managing work expectations to family life, physical health and everything in between, things are bound to slip through the cracks. And most of the time, that’s your pet’s well being that is sacrificed.

Now I am not shaming you, life happens. However, there is a solution that will help you stay on top of your pet’s health and wellness. And no, it won’t break the bank and it isn’t too complicated to use and it won’t. See it as another welcomed app on your home screen.

Everything you need – in app form

As expected, Oneplan does it again and adds another effort to their pet packages. Their exclusive Wellness Tracker is a complete game-changer – but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll get into the benefits in a moment.

The idea behind this new division within their app was to allow pet owners to be able to help pet owners easily access all of their pet’s health-related information in one simple location. Let’s look at a common scenario so we can see this app in action, shall we? Let’s say you take your fur baby to the vet. Once the visit is over you can log it into the app, and it will keep tabs on when they need to head to the vet again.

Oh, but the benefits don’t end there. I mean, what did you expect? It’s Oneplan after all.

What’s on the app?

  1. Keep up to date with the best resources and info about pet wellness.
  2. A health profile for each of your pets, letting you access their health status whenever.
  3. The Wellness Wheel automatically moves through your pet’s life cycle annually and will change according to its first year, adult years and senior years.
  4. Load a claim through Wellness Wheel
  5. Access the Onepet Store directly through the Wellness Wheel to purchase your dewormer & tick and flea medication
  6. Book a vet with our Locate a Vet Near You feature (Locate a Vet allows you to see what the vet starting rate is, operating hours, contact information and Google Map integration)

Wellness notifications

We don’t need to check our screen time to know that we spend significant amounts of time on our phones. So why not turn all of that negative phone time into a gentle reminder that your pet needs important preventative care?

Making use of Oneplan’s new Wellness Tracker will mean that your phone will DING! to remind you about the following pet health needs:

  1. Next Deworming
  2. Vaccination
  3. Annual Checkup
  4. Dental Care
  5. Tick and Flea

Discover: getting your pet vaccination schedule right with Oneplan.

Sign me up

Now if I have done my work properly, you are probably wondering where and how to download this pawsome tracker, right? Well, access to this industry-leading app genuinely takes 3 simple steps.

All you need to do is make sure you already have the Oneplan App downloaded and that you are signed in with your policy number.

Next, you will make a profile for your beautiful fur-baby (and no, we aren’t talking about the secret Instagram profile you have for your pup). All you need to do is answer 8 questions about your pet and their health before your Wellness Wheel is created.

From here on out, we will be able to track the health of your pet and make sure that they are receiving the preventative care that they deserve.

Innovation at its finest

Alright, so in closing, I figured it would be worthwhile to understand how important this app is... you know, in case it wasn’t clear before. Oneplan’s team truly builds all of their offerings and benefits around pet owners' needs. They ultimately heard our cries and difficulties keeping up with our pet’s health checks and threw us a bone (let me have this little pun, okay?).

Rarely do pet insurers go out of their way to offer their clients seamless solutions that cater to their EXACT needs. Joining this insurance family means that you are always in control. It’s all about what YOU want, and having an easy, helpful and expectational app that does it all seems like a pretty great place to start if you ask me.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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