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Economic euthanasia: Can Pet Insurance lend a helping paw?


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No one likes to think of the worst-case scenario, especially when it comes to our helpless pets. What if I told you that I had found the ultimate solution to completely avoid this situation?

Okay, let’s be honest here. As pet owners, we easily fall into the category of eternal optimists. We witness our little furballs get up to mischief and we ‘ooh and aww at their adorable nature or how their personalities eventually come out.

The truth is that whether we have a timid furbaby or a more adventurous one we have to remember that accidents and illness so happen...even if we don’t want to imagine it.

Introducing the new family member

From the moment that you bring your cat home, economic euthanasia is probably the last thought of your mind. You’re probably caught in a fun haze of pet toys, social media updates on your new baby and figuring out how to get them to stop scratching everything.

Now all of this excitement is good (in fact, it’s completely understandable) but there are some major costs that you have to keep in mind BEFORE you even start thinking of bringing a pet home.

The top thing on your pet to-do list should be to make sure that you can afford the real cost of a pet.

How much does it cost to keep a pet?

Okay, now this question is tricky to answer because the cost of your pet is determined by a lot of factors. Let’s look at a few things that influence the cost of your pet, shall we?

  1. Breed
  2. Age
  3. Hereditary conditions
  4. Chronic illnesses

All of these factors will ultimately influence how often you’ll be seeing your local vet. But this still doesn’t cover it all. You will also need to account for the following expenses:

  1. Accidents
  2. Surprise illnesses
  3. Wellness routines
  4. Routine check-ups

A harsh (and expensive) reality check

Now let the record show that not one of those factors is easy on your wallet. Simply taking your pet in for a routine visit can set you back THOUSANDS of Rands, never mind the costs of having your pet go for surgery. The costs add up…and they add up quickly.

The reality is that so many people overlook the medical costs of having a pet that they find themselves in a seriously difficult predicament. Many South Africans find themselves in medical debt all because they couldn’t afford to pay for medical care upfront.

So, if there is anything that you take away from this blog, let it be this: pets are expensive. No matter what pet it is or how old they are the truth is that if you don’t financially prepare adequately for the arrival of your pet, you might find yourself in one of the WORST scenarios pet owners could ever experience: economic euthanasia

What is economic euthanasia?

Economic euthanasia is when a pet has to be put down due to the pet owner not having access to the necessary funds needed for treatment.

For example: your pet needs to undergo major surgery to save their lives, but the costs of the surgery are a lot more money than you currently have. In these scenarios, there are generally two options.

The first is to swipe your credit card, even though you don’t have the funds, and slowly get yourself into serious medical debt. The second is your vet suggesting economic euthanasia where your pet will be put down to save them from suffering through the pain.

Help is on the way!

However, no pet parent should ever be put in this predicament. Your pet isn’t just an animal that lives rent-free in your home. They are your family, which makes taking care of them even more important.

What do you do to avoid mescal debt or economic euthanasia? You take out comprehensive pet insurance.

Oneplan Pet Insurance

Now I could sit here and give you a rather general overview of pet insurance but we’re looking for real solutions here, which is why I’m revealing one of the top pet insurance companies around. They will happily and easily come to your rescue. Whether you’re in need or not, they’re always ready.

So what makes Oneplan the best? Well, they take care of your pet in full. When they say ‘comprehensive’, they mean it.

Exclusive Oneplan perks

  1. You are paid BEFORE you go to the vet
  2. You have the option to go to any registered veterinarian clinic of your choosing
  3. Routine care and wellness are covered for your pet
  4. You gain access to their exclusive Premium Pet Store Products
  5. You get to witness the easier claims system ever.

The reality is that economic euthanasia is easily avoidable. All it takes to avoid this nightmare is to ask for help. Oneplan is ready to step in and help keep you from the harsh scenario. Just tap here and you can get in contact with them! And they’re ready to hear from you.


Until next time,

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