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5 things your cat needs to lead a healthy and happy life


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Cats may have nine lives but let’s try to preserve all of them by following these simple tips and tricks.

All cat parents have the same goal in mind: keeping our little furballs happy, safe and healthy. At first glance, this may seem relatively difficult given the fact that cats are fiercely independent, but the truth is that they need you.

As their companion, owner and pack-mate, you play a big part in their overall wellness. From their physical health to all the social stuff and psychological well being, your feline friend relies on their human to take care of them and their health.

Thankfully it’s a lot easier than you may think. I’ve already gone and done the research, tried and tested it all so that you don’t have to.

 Without further delay, here is my official guide to keeping your cat happy, healthy and safe.

1.                       Follow a healthy diet

This one may seem obvious, but in case you have forgotten, let this be a little reminder. Ensuring that your little ball of fluff is following a healthy diet is a crucial part of their wellness. So, while it may be tempting to go for the cheapest solution like a super affordable bag of cat food, have a quick look at the nutritional value.

Food contributes to your cat’s future senior health, dental care and oral wellness. It also helps extend their quality of life.

So, look out for formulas for both wet and dry food that are specifically tailored to your cat’s activity level, age and dietary needs!

2.                       Get their hair done

Cats may not need to have a regular wash but they sometimes do need a little more TLC to be their happiest selves.  Grooming is a crucial part of ensuring that your cat isn’t just happy but healthy too.

But fair warning, when it comes to cat grooming there’s no “one size fits all” approach here. You will have to find a grooming routine that fits your specific cat’s breed and lifestyle.

Just a little heads up that if you have a cat with long hair, make sure to comb it yourself as often as possible. This will help keep their coats shiny and knot-free.

3.                       Chip in for safety

See what I did there?

For your feline friend to remain safe, you should consider having your cat microchipped. This means that if your cats’ adventurous side gets them a little lost, the person who finds them will be able to get in contact with you.

While we’re here talking about safety, make sure that you also kit your cat out with a well-fitted collar that has visible identification. While it’s cute to simply have their name on the tag, have your details too!

Open windows and doors are a tempting opportunity for any cat to go and explore, so let’s just make sure that they can explore their wild side...safely.

4.                       Treats, toys and playtime

Look, when we first get our pets it’s easy to obsess over them. We’re paying for overpriced cat toys, fancy kitty litters and scratch pads. We’re cuddling, updating our social media pages with photos of them...and then we start slacking. The little belly rubs stop and so do the cuddles.

Life gets in the way.

However, you must dedicate time to enriching and bonding with your cat. This time deeply influences your cat’s wellbeing, so you need to prioritise it. Providing multiple stimuli for your furbaby will help with their overall behaviour and help solidify your bond…domestic cats thrive off the attention and the purrs are there to prove it.

5.                       Oneplan Pet Insurance

It’s important to remember that a healthy cat is a happy one, which is why comprehensive pet insurance is the simplest yet most effective way to ensure this. However, it should be noted that no other pet insurer is doing like Oneplan Pet Insurance. They have dedicated an entire division of their company to the wellbeing of your pet … and they are always ready to prove it to you.

Here’s how they are keeping your furbaby happy, safe and healthy (fair warning: prepare to be thoroughly impressed)

  1. You get paid BEFORE you see a veterinarian with the help of their Oneplan Onecard that essentially works like your own personal Oneplan debit card.
  2. There is no need for you to try and find a list of associated veterinary clinics linked to Oneplan because it doesn’t exist. Unlike most insurers that keep you bound to a certain list of practitioners, Oneplan lets you see whichever vet you like!
  3. Now when it comes to claims, there is no need to reach for the painkillers because there are no headache-inducing claims systems here. It’s so incredibly simple that it still baffles me that their claims system is this efficient. You do have to try it for yourself to see what I mean!
  4. If you are one of their Oneplan Pet Insurance clients, you gain exclusive access to their Premium Pet Store Products that allows you to save money on preventative healthcare and premiums.
  5. You don’t have to worry about covering all of the costs of routine care of wellness attention for your cat! That’s because Oneplan has a wide range of incredible day to day benefits which include routine care.

Remember that one of the best strategies to keeping your feline friend happy and healthy is simply asking for help. You aren’t alone and there is a team of pet insurance experts waiting to hear from you, all you have to do is click here and help is on the way!

Until next time,

The Petinsurance Team

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