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4 surprising ways to protect the health of your pet


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protect the health of your pet

The only thing that keeps our pets from being absolutely perfect is the fact that they can’t speak. This means they can’t exactly tell you what they need from you, but thankfully I can.

As soon as we become a pet parent, we have this instant need to protect our fur babies. How do we keep them out of harm’s way? How do we keep them healthy?

Well, as you probably know from your last panicked deep dive into every single pet blog page available, there is a ton of information out there on how to protect your pet.

We can all probably agree that our pets do a lot for us. If you ask me, our deep love for them warrants our frantic need for them to communicate with us. Especially when things aren’t okay.

So, while we wait for our pets to discover the ability to turn their meows and barks into actual words, here is a breakdown of all the things they need you to do to keep them safe.

Prioritise dental care

Do you know those little pearly whites of theirs? Well, they need just as much attention as you give your own teeth. Your pet’s teeth are also super prone to decay, random cavities and serious gum disease.

In fact, many veterinarians claim that most pet owners neglect their pet’s dental care up until the point that their pet is experiencing noticeable discomfort.

Don’t wait until you notice a missing tooth, smell weird breath, notice random facial swelling or their lack of eating. But here is the scary part: dental problems have actually resulted in abscesses, kidney, heart and liver complications. So yes, teeth are incredibly important.

Show your pet that you care by maintaining their dental hygiene.

Diet is king

Turns out that one of the best-kept secrets to pet health is actually diet. Now, this may come as a surprise because well, dogs will eat pretty much anything. That’s the thing, they actually shouldn’t. The diet that you choose to feed your fur friend seriously contributes to their overall protection.

Now, are you ready to hear some rather shocking pet-related news?

According to numerous reports, more veterinarians are becoming increasingly more aware of just how unhealthy kibble-based diets are.

Yes, contrary to the seemingly misleading labels, kibble isn’t always the best option for your pet. The issue with these options is that they are loaded with preservatives and artificial additives that will influence the overall health and life span of your pet.

So, what now?

Well, putting your fur baby on a whole food nutrition diet can be rather difficult…and expensive. But it’s not an all or nothing approach that you need to follow. Just try to keep their diet a lot cleaner. If you try to keep their diet at least 25% whole-food-based, you will significantly decrease your pet’s probability of obesity.

That being said, your best point of reference is your vet. Chat to them about the best food options for your pet that will keep them safe and well-protected.

 Maintain an exercise and socialisation regimen

Our pets surprisingly have a lot of similarities to us. Turns out that our pets need exercise and socialising just as much as we do. As you know, physical health not only contributes to great mental stimulation but helps relieve the body of stress and disease.

Get your furball active… and yes, that includes your cat! Get them involved in a few games that get them engaged and bump up their heart rates. .

You also shouldn’t forget about socialisation either! Yes, pets have friends that aren’t only you and your family. Bonding and sniffing other pets are good for your little one. Just make sure that you make sure that your pet is aggressive or anxious around others. Give them time to learn social skills and watch them blossom whenever they’re around others.

Pet insurance

Yes, as cheesy as it is, I am definitely leaving the best (and perhaps most surprising) point for last. It really doesn’t get better than pet insurance. Seriously, comprehensive cover is exactly what your pet wants.

The reality is that keeping your pet protected doesn’t come cheap – at all. These veterinarian bills come with huge (and most anticipated) financial obligations. If you don’t have access to excess money to cover these costs you could incur serious medical debt.

Your pets are worth protecting, but your finances and peace of mind are too.. Pet insurance is the best way to cover both you and your four-legged friend.

Essentially, your comprehensive coverage is the best form of preventive care. By opting for pet insurance, you gain access to private veterinarians, fewer vet bills that you have to cover yourself and all of the above-made points covered instantly!

Give your pet the health, love and devotion that they deserve by covering all of your bases and taking out pet insurance. You won’t regret it!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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