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5 small dog breeds with the highest medical bills


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dog breeds with the highest medical bills

As the popular childhood nursery rhyme goes: how much is that doggie in the window? Well, turns out some are a little more expensive than expected. Let’s find out which canine companions come with a pretty hefty price tag!

The truth is that when it comes to your canine companions, most dog breeds don’t come at the same price. Some are a little gentler on the bank balance whilst others will require you to splash some serious cash. Which only leads me to one question: how much are you willing to spend on mans best friend?

The cost of your fur baby

Adding a new four-legged member to your family is an incredibly exciting time but it’s oftentimes in the midst of a puppy-licking haze that we forget just how expensive having a dog can be.

It is important to remember that expanding your pet family goes beyond the initial purchase amount. It is actually the rest of the secret costs involved that generally shock most pet parents. Your biggest and most frequent bill will definitely be your pet’s veterinarian bills. Ranging from vaccinations to more serious illnesses and injuries, there are many reasons why dog owners seek out private medical care for their dogs every year – and pay a very pretty penny for it.

These bills could range from:


  • Surgery
  • Routine care
  • Wellness cover
  • Medical emergencies


Pets with the highest medical bills

If you’re anything like me, then you’re not one for financial surprises. So here’s a little guide to help you (and your bank account) understand just how much of your finances will go into the health and wellness of your dog!

With that being said, it’s important to note that this isn’t a hierarchy showing the best dogs around. We still love all pets the same, however, this is need-to-know information that will help you make better decisions when it comes to the day to day decisions about your dog’s health.

Top 5 expensive small breed dogs

1. English Cocker Spaniel
These fur babies make for an excellent family companion. However, they are prone to skin allergies, benign tumours, cataracts and deafness.

2. French Bulldog
Due to their shortened airways, French bulldogs often suffer from breathing problems and excessive heat exhaustion. Other ailments include corneal ulcers, spinal malformations and reproductive difficulties.
3. Basset Hound
Basset Hounds are incredibly gentle dogs. It should, however, be noted, that they are prone to ear infections, bloating, epilepsy, glaucoma, hip and elbow dysplasia and various other health concerns.
4. Rottweiler
These powerful and strong dogs oftentimes suffer from hip dysplasia, shoulder joint problems and cataracts.
5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
These bull terriers are known for having a number of genetic health problems including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, and juvenile cataracts.

The importance of pet insurance

So you have expensive taste when it comes to dogs? That’s okay! It just means that you could seriously benefit from having a little support. And when it comes to the health of your pet no one will prioritise their wellbeing more than a pet insurer.

In fact, signing up for pet insurance means that you have access to the best medical facilities in the country! You and your fur baby will also be able to benefit from a team of professionals that dedicate their lives to ensuring that your pet is ultimately living its best life.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that receiving comprehensive medical care usually comes with an expensive price tag. Thankfully, I’ve done copious amounts of research on pet insurers and I have found the best for you and your expensive doggo.

Oneplan pet insurance

When it comes to comprehensive pet insurance, no other pet insurer is doing it like Oneplan. Your dog deserves the best and that is exactly what they are guaranteed when they join the Oneplan family.

One of the greatest aspects of Oneplan’s pet insurance policies is that they offer what they are exclusively calling tail-o-made solutions.

Tail-o-made solutions

All of their pet policies are calculated based on risk. These risk profiles are created by people who seriously know their stuff about animals and pets and who know even more about statistically calculating risk. Their team will look at the species, age, common illnesses and when these illnesses typically start to develop.

The Oneplan team have also introduced a ‘from’ pricing strategy. This means that you have a set price that they will look at and adjust accordingly based on the risk profile of your furry companion. 

Essentially it's an ‘all paws on deck’ kind of approach to pet insurance and people are absolutely obsessed.

Exclusive Oneplan Perks

If you thought that the benefits ended there, you’d be wrong. Before signing off this blog, I thought it would be helpful to know just how comprehensive Oneplan’s pet coverage is. So here are a few additional Oneplan pet insurance perks:

  1. You get to choose your vet of choice
  2. Pet owners get paid BEFORE vet visits
  3. And exclusive Onecard is given to each Oneplan member to use as a personal debit card that can be swiped at the vet
  4. Routine cover is included in most of their pet insurance plans


Just because your dog was expensive doesn’t mean that your insurance has to be too! Join the Oneplan pet insurance family and have the peace of mind that those hefty medical bills won’t have to be your worry anymore!


Until next time.

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