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Finding full coverage pet insurance: it may be closer than you think


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full coverage pet insurance

When it comes to the health of your four-legged family members, full coverage seems like the best route (and you would be right to think so!)

When it comes to insuring the health and wellbeing of your pet, you may be a little bit like me. Why settle for anything less than full, comprehensive coverage? When it comes to the health of your four-legged family members, full coverage seems like the best route - and you would be right to think so. Knowing that your pet is covered from every angle is an incredible feeling and keeps you prepared and ready to handle any health emergency (or just general health check-ups) with confidence and peace of mind.

So, how do you go about finding the best pet insurance? You carry on reading this blog.

What is pet insurance?

It’s very simple - pet insurance is the same as any other kind of insurance: health, home and vehicle. Except instead of being covered for broken arms and stolen cars, you’re covered for the moments when your pet needs medical attention the most. You will choose a policy that best suits you and your pet (which we will explore soon) and pay a monthly premium in exchange for a series of benefits and cover.

Pet insurance was developed to remove the immense financial strain that vet bills put on pet owners, whether they be for routine care visits or emergency late-night surgeries.

If you already own a pet, you’ll know that walking into the vet’s office is almost as terrifying for you as it is for old Bruno the Boerboel. He’s scared of the massive needle coming his way - you’re scared of the massive bill coming to yours.

What should full-coverage pet insurance offer?

There are tons of plans out there, which makes the hunt for the perfect pet insurance policy that much more daunting. Here is what any worthwhile insurer should cover you for when you are seeking a comprehensive policy:

  • Accident Cover
  • Illness Cover
  • Wellness Cover/Routine care.

Of course, there is always the option of choosing to sign up for an accident or hospital plan, which is a cheaper option and will cover you for what their names suggest: accidents and hospital visits due to illness or accidents. These are great if you want partial cover whilst you save but aren’t considered to be full coverage policies.

The comprehensive pet insurance hunt:  5 things to keep in mind

1.    Do what’s best for you

I agree with the guys at Oneplan when they say that no pet is the same and no pet policy is the same either. You need to choose the best plan for your dog depending on their age, breed, lifestyle and medical history.

2.    Insure your young pets

If you want to get the best out of your insurance policy and reap all the benefits, insure your pet from as young as possible. Get your pet insured before any pre-existing conditions or illnesses come out to play.

3.    Do your homework

If you’re here, you’re already halfway there! The internet is your friend and it is a consultant's job to spend time with you going over their different policies. Look at the key information about the company, for example:

  • What are the benefits they offer?
  • What are their exclusions?
  • Do they have waiting periods?
  • Are you limited to a network of vets? (with Oneplan, never. You and your dog can stick with whoever makes their tail wag!)
  • Do they make things easy to understand?

If you need more direction about shopping for pet insurance, Oneplan has you covered with this helpful blog they wrote.

4.    Ask your vet

Your pet should be able to utilize what they know about your pets past health, present health and potential future health to set you on the right path.

5.    Read The Fine Print

This part is important! If you don’t read the terms and conditions of the policies you’re exploring, you’re wasting your time. Having a solid understanding of the ins and outs of your policy is the only way to be sure you are receiving the full coverage you’re after.

If the thought of reading through reams of insurance jargon gives you the scaries, Oneplan is ONE insurer who has never believed in complicated. In fact, they pride themselves in making your life better.  Their policies and documents are incredibly simple (the way I believe insurance should be) and if transparent communication sparks your interest, you can breeze through their pet insurance policy wording document here.

Finding the right insurer is a great feeling and this is a good place to have started! Head onto our blog for more in-depth insight into the world of pet insurance and don’t forget to contact the team at Oneplan to get the ball rolling!


Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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