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A Paw Parents Guide to Navigating Pet Insurance Costs


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Guide to Navigating Pet Insurance

It’s a funny thing that as pet owners, we will do whatever it takes to keep our pets safe. And yet we hesitate when it comes to taking out pet insurance. Well, that ends today because we’re proving just how affordable pet insurance is.

If you are reading this blog, there is a large chance that you have come across one particular myth. You have probably heard that pet insurance is incredibly expensive. Now for any pet parent, that is completely terrifying - especially given the current climate where we are all holding onto our money a little tighter.

So what do you do when you want to protect your pet but you don’t exactly have the means for expensive pet health insurance?

Well, you breathe and sit tight as we debunk one of the greatest pet insurance myths yet.

Pet insurance is incredibly affordable, and here is all the proof you’ll ever need.

How much is pet insurance?

Okay, we may have started with a rather difficult question here, but bear with us.

It would be impossible to give you an exact number here as the prices vary from pet insurers. However, on average most pet insurance companies’ policies premiums range between R100 – R500. Again, this is an estimate and based on your chosen insurer of choice, so don’t hold us to it. Of course, you can check out our range of plans and prices when you click here.

The main takeaway here is that pet insurance premiums are generally relatively low. We mean, what else could you expect from pet people?

Now in the same way that your human insurance policy works, so does your pet insurance. If you opt for greater coverage you will receive greater benefits at a higher cost. Naturally, the reverse can be said for less coverage. You will have a lower premium but be expected to pay for more things out-of-pocket.

What affects your pet insurance price?

Several factors influence the cost of pet insurance. You can control which pet insurance plan you opt for, but some things will be out of your control regardless. And these things will affect the cost of your insurance, so you may want to keep these things in mind:

  1. Your pet’s age
  2. Location
  3. Breed
  4. Pre-existing conditions

What is generally covered by pet insurance?

Okay, this one is important as it is an indication of what costs your pet insurer will be covering. Essentially, the contents of this subheading are all the cost you won’t have to cover.

Now again, little disclaimer: pet insurance companies will definitely be different in what they cover but this is a general standard of what’s covered:

  1. Accident only
  2. Illness cover
  3. Routine cover
  4. Wellness care

Now, what happens when you don’t have pet insurance?

This paragraph is important as this is an indication of the financial responsibilities that will be on your plate. Opting out of pet insurance means that you will ultimately be covering all of your pet’s health-related costs out-of-pocket.

If you are an expert budgeter, saver and have flexible money around, then you may be able to foot this bill without assistance. But let it be known that one of the top causes of debt is medically related. Even if you have money saved you have to be able to account for surprise costs.

What had initially started as a quick check-up can result in blood tests and x-rays being taken. This can set you back thousands of Rands. Worst case scenario, your pet has a serious illness that will mean incurring serious medical treatment consistently.

How to find a pet insurer that meets your budget

Determining the best pet insurer can be a rather trying task. The truth is that evaluating top pet insurance companies and their comparative prices, policies and figuring out the best price is immensely time-consuming.

It is even harder when you have a tight budget.

Thankfully you’ve stumbled onto this blog because your search ends here. With Oneplan Pet Insurance we believe in offering fair-priced insurance designed with your pet in mind. We know that no two pets are the same which is why we have changed the way we do insurance to make it fair and affordable for you and your pet - this means that all of our quotes and policies are risk profile dependent.

Risk profiles are created by our team of experts who seriously know their stuff about animals and pets and who know even more about statistically calculating risk to give you a fair price for your pet insurance policy.

Most importantly, it is our commitment to provide cover for your pet’s Golden years. Which means that your pet is covered for life when you sign up before the age limit (pets must be older than 8 weeks and younger than 9 years.)

Top perks of Oneplan

  1. You are given cash BEFORE you see your vet, so you don’t have to worry about paying for the bill
  2. You can choose any veterinarian clinic of your choice
  3. You have access to our team of insures via their exclusive Oneplan App
  4. We have the easiest sign-up process you have ever seen
  5. We have several pet insurance plans that are all budget-friendly
    1. Our affordable and essential accident-only plan is R60 a month per pet and covers up to R8 000 a year in accident-related claims. This plan does not have an age limit for pets. 
    2. Our more comprehensive pet insurance plans cover a range of benefits from vet visits, routine care and even scripted medication

Save yourself the time, energy and sanity by getting in contact with the Oneplan team!

Yours in cuddle-worthy pet insurance,


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