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Having routine care in your pet insurance plan: is it worth the extra cost?


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routine care in your pet insurance plan

Being a pet owner means doing whatever you can to protect your furry baby. And that includes brushing up your knowledge on one of the most important pet insurance benefits yet: routine care!

Now, in all honesty, I could probably answer the title question in one simple answer: yes!

It would be much easier and far more straightforward that way. But as we all know, maintaining the health and well-being of our pets is anything but simple. So yes, in short, routine care is worth the extra cost of pet insurance! Trust me. If you’re feeling a little sceptical, stick with me as I break down all you need to know about pet routine care and why your pet is not comprehensively covered unless they have it.

Before I go into detail about the wonders of routine care and how it’s revolutionizing pet care, there is one crucial question that we have to answer first.

What’s the difference between a vet visit and routine care?

If you were secretly asking yourself this question, don’t panic. You aren’t alone - this is a completely valid question! There is a big difference between the two that is worth noting.

Vet visits refer to consultations when you think something might be wrong with your pet. These benefits include cover for the following: Consultations, radiology (X-rays), pathology (blood tests) and dental procedures.

Routine care refers to preventive care vet visits to help your vet to prevent, detect and treat any health concerns before they become a more significant issue, and are therefore more expensive to treat.

The truth about most pet insurers

If the global pandemic has taught us anything it’s that health is one of the greatest assets and the same can be said for your pet! Maintaining your pets overall well-being goes beyond merely heading to the vet whenever there is a medical emergency. It is about regularly going into the vet’s office to ensure that they are completely well and healthy.

But here’s where things get interesting: many local pet insurers do not offer routine cover. So if you were wanting to do a routine check at your local vet, you would have to foot the bill out of pocket.

And it’s important to note that vet bills aren’t cheap. The costs easily add up and before you know it, you’re dipping into your savings to cover the costs. This didn’t sit well with me. Surely it was possible to get a comprehensive cover that included a routine cover add-on for my pet that didn’t completely bankrupt me?

Much to my delight, there it was. Amongst all of the pet insurance chaos stood Oneplan Pet Insurance, who are completely changing the insurance game. Prepare to be amazed, because if anyone knows how to do comprehensive pet cover it’s Oneplan.

Oneplan’s Routine Care Plus

If you are a cost-savvy pet parent, you may want to listen up!

Once you have officially opted in for one of Oneplan’s official pet insurance plans, you have the option to add a few handy healthcare additions. Routine care is one of them! While unexpected illnesses and medical emergencies are a part of pet care, ensuring that your pet’s day-to-day healthcare costs are covered is crucial.

Adding their Routine Care Plus benefit means that your pet will receive holistic care that includes exceptional wellness cover. This will go over and above the benefits outlined in your original pet plan.

What is included in Routine Care Plus?

Onelan’s exclusive Routine Care Plus cover includes the following:

  1. Sterilisation
  2. Consultations for vaccinations
  3. Deworming and parasite control
  4. Tick and flea prevention
  5. Anal gland expression
  6. Dental care (teeth scaling and polishing)

And with the benefits of Routine Care Plus, you’ll be able to claim for routine care checkups before you see the vet using our unique Onecard which every pet owner gets when they become a part of our Oneplan family.The basic terms of Routine Care Plus

It’s common for most people to simply skim through their policy document, and I get it. They can oftentimes be jargon-heavy and headache-inducing. Thankfully Oneplan has a team of writers that get it. They’ve done away with the difficult terminology and continue to keep insurance simple and easy.

But to help you out, I’ve extracted what their policy document says about Routine Care Plus benefits:

  1. You can add their Routine Care Plus benefit anytime - the choice is up to you. The cost of the Routine Care Plus option range and can be used in conjunction with any of their comprehensive cover plans, depending on the cover amount you want to add to your existing routine care.
  2. You can claim for routine care pay-outs every twelve months from the start of your policy. Remember, the claim amount can’t be greater than the limit specified in your policy schedule. Any medical expenses related to routine care services will be covered within this limit.
  3. Your routine care cover will be renewed annually. This means that if you take out your policy in May, your Routine Care Benefit will recharge the following May.

Now if this isn’t exceptional pet care, I don’t know what is.

If you find yourself keen on becoming a valued member of the Oneplan family, make sure to either use their super-easy online signup process or contact the team themselves!


Until next time,

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