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4 myths about cat health insurance


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myths about cat health insurance

Covering the top 4 misconceptions of pet insurance for cats: from the cost of coverage to the reason why cats need healthcare insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to pet health insurance for cats, there are a number of misconceptions doing the rounds amongst cat owners. From the myth that cats don’t need pet health insurance, to misunderstandings on the price difference to insure cats compared to their canine counterparts.

In this blog, I cover the top misconceptions about cat insurance to ensure you walk away with your facts straight and your cat’s health insured. Because trust me, pet medical insurance is the cover your cat needs to live a long, healthy and happy life. Plus, you get to breathe a sigh of relief in knowing your precious furry member of the family’s health is looked after.

Cats don’t need pet health insurance

Let me start by asking you a question: Have you ever been in a tough financial situation you couldn’t have predicted but you could have prevented? The chances of your answer being yes to this question are pretty high.

Perhaps your car was involved in an accident which cost you thousands of rands to repair because you didn’t have car insurance before the accident. Or maybe your home was broken into and due to your lack of coverage for your home contents, which resulted in you having to forgo your holiday to the beach to afford to buy a new bed, or TV or whatever else was stolen. Perhaps you have been in a sticky financial situation where your own health was concerned, and the simple purchase of health insurance could have saved you from this stress.

Just as you can’t get covered for the damage repair costs of your car, home or your health after the incident has already happened, you can’t get covered by insurance for your cat when she is already sick or has been in an accident.

You can’t predict the unexpected, but you can plan for it

Your cover has to be active BEFORE something happens.

Far too many cat owners look to pet insurance after they are faced with the consequences of accidents, illnesses and even day-to-day costs such as vet visits.

The point I am trying to make here is that all pets need pet insurance. And the older your pet is, the higher their chances of getting ill are. And in most cases, pet insurance plans have age limits that apply. Which means that after your cat reaches a certain age, you will struggle to find an insurer who will cover her healthcare costs.

Cats might not land themselves in as much trouble as dogs, but this does not make them immune to illnesses and accidents. Expensive veterinary care happens when you least expect it to. And to ensure your cat receives the best possible care and your budget does not take a knock as a result, I suggest you insure the health of your cat as soon as you can.

Cat insurance costs the same as dog insurance

Now, before I dive into the answer to this common misconception, you must first know that all insurers are different. When it comes to their terms, conditions, prices, limits and benefits, each one has an individual protocol and standard to follow.

However, in some fortunate cases, you will be lucky enough to find an insurer who charges you a lower fee to insure the health of your cat compared to your dog. This is because cats are in fact deemed as a low-risk animal and are less likely to get into trouble compared to a dog.

My cat is too old to insure

I previously mentioned how the majority of pet insurers have age limits in place which deter older pets from getting the coverage they need. The reason for this is because older cats are a higher insurance risk. The same way that we as humans are more likely to seek medical care on a more regular basis to treat an illness or condition as we grow older, our pets are no different.

Getting older makes for weaker immune systems, weaker bones and makes us more susceptible to a range of health conditions. Which is why it doesn’t make sense to insure the health of all pets, regardless of their age, as this would result in a higher premium for clients in order to accommodate for the number of claims.

However, there are some insurers who do not include age limits in some of their less comprehensive plans. Oneplan Pet Insurance is an example of one such insurer. Oneplan created an accident-only form of coverage that allows for pets of all ages to receive coverage for accidents.

There’s a network of covered veterinarians

Now, this myth has some truth to it. Yes, the majority of insurers will have a network of covered veterinarians for you to choose from. If you choose a vet outside of this network, you’re unlikely to have your claims reimbursed.

However, Oneplan Pet Insurance is one of the few insurers out there who do not restrict you (and your pet) to a specified network. They want to give their clients options to choose any vet they want. Which means that should you already have a vet you and your pet are happy with, you can keep him or her when you purchase a Oneplan Pet Insurance policy.

Is pet insurance right for you and your cat?

I always suggest that pet parents have a chat with their vet to get an insider’s opinion on the cost of veterinary care for pets. The most expensive of which are those related to accidents and illnesses, these are typically the unexpected costs that amount to a small fortune to save your pet’s life. Then there are the costs of vet visits and routine care. The latter might not seem like too much at first, but these ongoing costs tend to quickly add up.

In either case, pet insurance helps shoulder the costs of unexpected, and in some cases, depending on your chosen plan, pet insurance even helps you cover day-to-day vet bills related to vet visits and wellness care.

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