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Pet insurance & coping with the death of a pet


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Pet insurance & coping with the death of a pet

Having to put a pet down is something no pet owner wants to experience in their life, but a good pet insurer can help ease the financial burden and provide additional support during this difficult time. Discover how pet insurance will help cover the associated costs of losing your furry family member and find out everything you need to know about pet healthcare cover when it comes to dealing with the passing of a pet.

Why pet insurance matters

It’s never easy losing a beloved pet. Your pets are truly a part of your little family, and choosing to say goodbye to your canine companion when the time comes is heartbreaking.

No one can prepare you for the loss of your loving pet, but animal pet insurance can help to prepare you for the costs that come with this tragic event. It’s important to have a good insurer that will handle all the financial aspects of pet euthanasia and burial so that you can focus on remembering and honoring your precious pet instead of spending this time worrying about the the rising expenses.

What costs are associated with the death of a pet?

While it's never an easy topic to discuss, it's important for every pet parent to be fully prepared for the costs that accompany the unforeseen death of a pet.

The cost of euthanizing your pet will depend on your chosen vet, but it can range from between R500 to R1200. While it might be more costly, many pet owners choose to cremate their pet so that they can  properly say goodbye to their loving animal and scatter the ashes in a place that they consider to be special. For example, many owners might choose to spread the ashes together as a family under a beautiful tree outside in their garden. The cost of cremation will then bring you to about R2 500 (with the euthanasia costs included).

Another option is a more traditional burial. Some towns have specific pet cemeteries where you can pay a fee to have your pet’s body professionally buried there, but the fee will differ depending on where you choose to bury your pet.

Additional costs

There unfortunately are some additional costs too. Not only do you have to pay to get everything in order after your pet’s passing, you also have to try and juggle the numerous medical costs that you have accumulated along the way while trying to get the right medical care for your pet when they were ill or in pain.

This includes medication, surgery, hospital stays and various tests that were used to try and save your pet’s life at the time. Pet medical bills can skyrocket and, before you know it, you've maxed out our credit cards and savings accounts in an attempt to save your loving animal’s life.

How animal animal health insurance can lend a helping hand

1. Cover for medical expenses:  Most types of animal medical insurance provide cover for the costs of hospitalization fees, surgery and medication costs that are used to try and extend the life of your pet. Unfortunately, older pets can't live forever and sometimes, even after all these treatments, we have to let our furry friends go. 

Most pet insurers offer accident and illness cover to handle the medical bills that were necessary to help your pet before you made the decision to let them go. This is a real source of support for pet parents as it relieves some of the financial stress and allows them to focus on mourning their pets properly instead of being distressed by the rising mountain of bills

2. Cover for euthanasia and burial: Many people are left with no choice but to euthanize their beloved pets as they are unable to afford the cost of the medical care to keep them alive. Even with the right treatment, sometimes we have to say goodbye to our furry family member. When this sad time comes, your pet insurance provider will be there to lend a helping hand. Most pet insurers will cover the burial and euthanasia costs associated with the death of your beloved pet so that you can send them off in the right way.

Why Oneplan?

Oneplan is an animal-friendly pet insurance provider who understands your needs when it comes to taking care of your beloved pet. Oneplan Pet Insurance believes that no pet owner should have to choose between their financial stability and saying goodbye to their pet properly. That why Oneplan includes up to R1 500 cover for burial/cremation/euthanasia, and each of their four pet plans includes this amount of cover.

Oneplan helps to cover the expenses associated with the death of a pet in order to help make the whole process just a little easier. All you have to do is preload your claim and we will transfer the funds to your Onecard.

Each animal health insurance plan also includes accident cover starting from R8000 a year to as much as R50 000, so that you have the financial support you need to handle all the medical expenses that have led up to this difficult moment.

The final word

I know from personal experience that you can never be fully equipped to deal with the loss of a loyal pet who has stayed lovingly at your side for years. But, with the right insurer, there will always be a helping hand to carry the financial burden and relieve some of the stress you’re feeling right now. In this way, you'll be able to honor your beloved pet in the right way, with no other stressors or distractions. I hope this information has brought some comfort and peace to those pet owners who are experiencing this tragic situation during this time.

Until next time, 

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