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The top 3 reasons why every young puppy needs pet insurance


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Puppy Needs Pet Insurance

Wondering what’s the right age to insure your precious pup? It’s never too early. Find out why it pays to insure the health of your pet as soon as possible and get to know the benefits of having an animal-friendly pet insurer at your side.

Why do young pups need insurance?

The simple answer is that puppy’s can be expensive - a lot more expensive than older dogs. This is due to regular treatments and frequent check-ups they need up until the age of one. Below are the main healthcare services that will be heavy on your budget throughout the first year of your puppy’s life:

1. Regular Vaccinations

Until your pup reaches the one year milestone, your dog will need more frequent vet visits than they will as they get older. Your furry companion will need regular vet visits for vaccines throughout their first year, with their first vaccine happening at around 8 weeks old. Another set of vaccinations is necessary at 12 weeks and then again at 16 weeks. After that, your pup will only need annual vaccinations.

The 8-week vaccination protects your fluffy family member from infections such as the canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, canine infectious hepatitis and canine parainfluenza virus. This vaccine alone can cost about R330. The second and third vaccinations are for protection against rabies, as well as the other viruses, and cost around R360.

2. Your pup will need frequent checkups

At 16 weeks old, your vet will need to give your puppy treatments for flea and tick prevention, as well as heartworm medication. Your pup will also need a full examination to make sure that they're growing properly. Some experts even recommend monthly wellness exams during puppyhood. That means once every 3–4 weeks until they reach 16 weeks old. After that, physical exams will only need to be done annually.

Having a reliable animal pet insurance provider like Oneplan at your side could really help you handle the cost of each consultation and make things a little easier on your budget each month.

3. Your pup needs to be spayed/neutered

At around 6 months old, you should bring your puppy in to be spayed or neutered. Spaying is super important for your pups health and wellbeing. Not only does it help prevent unwanted litters but, what most people don't know, is that it also prevents some pretty serious health conditions from developing.

Spaying a female pup can reduce the chance of uterine infections and breast tumors. Keep in mind that choosing to spay your pup at a young age before her first heat provides the best protection from these diseases.

Neutering a male pup can prevent testicular cancer or prostate problems. These procedures could cost as much as R1 200 to sterilise a male and R1 300 -  R1 600 to sterilise a female pup.


What is the best insurance plan for young pups?

When deciding if animal pet insurance is right for you and your pup, there are a few things every pet owner should consider before taking the plunge. While price is important, there are a variety of other considerations to take into account other than price. Every pet owner should ask themselves:

  1. Does my plan include routine care cover so that the cost of vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick prevention and sterilization are always handled?
  2. Does your chosen animal medical insurance plan cover vet visits - including the frequent checkups your pup will need in their first year?
  3. Does your pet plan cover any life-long chronic conditions (diabetes, allergies and cancer) that the vet may pick up in your pet during a wellness exam?
  4. What are your insurers per-incident and annual limits?

How insurance can help you shoulder the cost

The cost of taking care of your gorgeous pup’s health and wellness needs can be steep. A wellness examination (or pet physical) alone can cost around R285 for a single consultation. When you add on the costs of vaccinations, medication, sterilization and other healthcare treatments for your furry friend, you may find that you’ll soon be out of pocket.

Don’t panic just yet. That’s why I recommend that any responsible pet parent turns to an affordable pet insurance plan. Insurance can help all of us pet owners to handle the burden of our pup’s healthcare costs, so that we don’t have to do it alone.

The good news is that, when it comes to younger pups, your monthly premiums will be lower. Pet insurance rates differ based on a variety of factors such as the age, health and breed of your dog. Younger, healthy pets are usually cheaper to insure.

The ultimate insurance recommendation

Even with a lower premium, dog insurance can be costly. But that all changes if you find the right animal-friendly pet insurance provider.

With an insurer provider like Oneplan, these costs become a little less daunting. Oneplan ensures that your pup will always have access to the right treatment so that they can grow to be strong, fit and healthy dogs. Here are few highlights of the great benefits you’ll receive with Oneplan:

  1. An optional Routine Care Plus add-on that will give you better cover for vaccinations, wellness exams, sterilization and more.
  2. Oneplan offers affordable pet insurance for all breeds and ages of animals.
  3. Oneplan allows pet owners to upgrade their chosen pet insurance plan at a later stage as your pup grows up and your insurance needs change. Enjoy the freedom to adjust your policy anytime!
  4. Oneplan puts money in your pocket before you see the vet.

With Oneplan’s pawsome pet insurance plans, you can sit back and relax knowing that your adorable pup is in safe hands and will always be well taken care of. Now that the peace of mind I like to have when it comes to my precious pup!


Get a quote for Oneplan’s affordable pet insurance for dogs here.


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