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Why price shouldn’t be your only priority: 6 major things to consider when looking for animal-friendly pet insurance


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Discover the most important factors that every pet owner should keep an eye out for before committing to any insurer. These key considerations are vital when comparing the wide range of pet insurance plans available. From the complications of the claims process to the fine-print of policies, some important services might just beat price comparisons and budget concerns.

Why isn’t price the winning factor?

No two pet insurance plans are the same - even if their prices are. Every insurer differs greatly when it comes to the type of coverage they offer, the help and support services they provide  and the annual cover limit attached to every plan. While looking for the best affordable pet insurance is important, it's vital to remember that cheaper doesn’t alway mean better. That’s why it’s important to do your research and find an insurer that doesn’t just fit within your budget, but meets your pet's specific health and wellness needs.

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There are a variety of other considerations when finding the perfect pet insurer - such as cover exclusions, age limits and the annual cover maximum - and this may make the difference between being well prepared for an illness, accident or medical treatment, or having to juggle the costs of these issues alone.

What are the 6 most important factors to consider?

Here are the top 6 things to tick off your pet insurance checklist when trying to find the best value pet insurance that will provide premium healthcare services for you playful pup or kitten:

1. Quality of service

The quality of service you receive from an insurer includes basic things such as staff support, help throughout your claims process, feedback and assistance with queries, as well as guidance when it comes to choosing the right plan type for you. Insurance can be complicated, and the number one goal of any pet insurer should be to guide you through this process as smoothly as possible while giving you as much support as they can provide. It’s important to find animal friendly pet insurance that will put customer service and the needs of your pet first.

2. Claims process

Claiming from an insurer can be a hassle, and some insurers tend to draw out the process with frustrating administration and long processing periods. Since insurers are businesses first, making a profit is usually a priority and insurers can often be slow or resistant to award claims.

However, if you do your research, you can find some really great insurers who truly care about the health of your pet. A top-rated insurance provider like Oneplan will load cash onto your Onecard before you see the vet. Quick, easy and hassle-free reimbursement - that's the way things work with Oneplan. No stress. No paperwork. No extensive waiting periods.

3. The type of cover that is included:

Most policies don't automatically include services such as routine care, dental treatments, visits to the vet or kennel fees. That's why you shouldn’t choose a pet insurance policy just because it’s cheap. If the plan doesn’t doesn’t cover your pet’s specific needs, it may actually end up costing you more in the long run - since you'll be left to foot the bill for any excluded services.

It’s also important to get to know the difference between accident-only and comprehensive cover, as well as the various services they provide, so that you choose a plan that is exactly right for your pet while knowing that you’ve considered every angle.

My recommendation would be to try Oneplan, an animal health insurance provider who gives their loyal customers the option of a Routine Care Plus add-on with almost every plan. They also cover vet visits and kennel fees with their Pet Classic Plan and Pet Super Plan.

4. Policy fine print 

Your policy is the contract between you and your insurer that documents the details of any pet insurance plan. It’s important to read the fine print of every plan you consider. Even though a lower premium may seem like a great offer, there could be some hidden catches or unexpected red flags once you dig deeper into the details of the policy.

For example, some insurers have certain exclusions that may not alway be obvious. This could be a limit to the amount of cover they will provide for a pet past a certain age, annual premium increases or exclusions of treatments for issues such as pre-existing conditions. Also be sure to look out for any hidden costs such as administration fees or excess payments that you may be unaware of (this is a payment you make to the insurer every time you make a claim).

5. Annual limits

All animal medical insurance plans have a maximum amount that you can claim per year. This includes claims for accidents, illness, routine care or any other type of medical service. It’s definitely a huge plus if your premium price is low right now but, as a responsible pet owner, you need to be thinking about the long-term implications. If your pet needs serious medical attention in the future and you've opted for a lower priced plan, your annual limit may be too low to cover the necessary costs. This means that your personal costs for any vital pet care services might not be as budget-friendly as you’d hoped, since cheaper plans tend to provide less cover.

However, when it comes to animal insurance for dogs, Oneplan gives their customers both an affordable price and great cover. Oneplan allows their customers to claim up to a maximum of R70 000 with the Pet Super Plan - helping pet owners everywhere know that their budget isn’t going to prevent them from taking care of their pet.

How can you compare your options?

Oneplan offers all its customers a quick and easy-to-understand comparison brochure that guides pet owners through the plan-picking process. With Oneplan, weighing up the costs and benefits of each different pet insurance plan is simple.

Oneplan also provides an open communication channel on WhatsApp, live website chats and the Oneplan App where you can talk to the Oneplan team about the range of different plans on offer. In this way, you’ll know that you’ve picked an animal pet insurance plan that is truly the best fit for you and your pet.

My advice: get started with Oneplan today. Speak to a Oneplan consultant for a smooth and easy transition into the Oneplan family. Giving your pet your the most affordable pet insurance with top-of-the range care is just a click away.

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