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Is my cat too old for pet insurance?


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Old Cat Insurance

Is it possible to insure the health of your senior cat? Digging into the age restrictions of pet policies and the best plans to choose for senior pets.

Senior cats are incredibly special furry members of your family. Sadly, however, as your cat ages, he or she will become more prone to serious health conditions which can be very expensive to treat. The same way that the health risks of humans increase as we age, our pets are destined for the same fate.

And in many cases, regardless of the quality nutrition you feed your cat, the love and attention you gave and the amount of money you spent on a bed she never uses, your senior cat is going to face a time in her life where the cost of her health is going to put a serious dent in your wallet.

Looking to pet insurance to help save you from surprise costs

Which is why so many pet owners look to pet insurance when their pet is more likely to get sick or is already sick. But here’s the thing about insurance, it’s a proactive measure to protect you from unexpected costly vet bills. If you are only wanting to purchase a pet insurance plan as a result of your pet’s health taking a toll and in turn, your bank account. Then, in most cases, it’s a little too late.

However, before you think that all hope is lost, you need to keep in mind that every pet insurer is unique in their policies and exclusions.

Some insurers might have specific plans where no age limit applies. Keep in mind that these sorts of plans, whilst can help prevent you from having to face the full effects of expensive vet bills, are typically more limited in their cover.

In any case, having some form of pet insurance is better than none at all. So, if you are looking to find out more about a pet insurance plan that includes cover for senior pets (regardless of their age) and even includes cover for pre-existing and hereditary issues, then keep reading.

Oneplan Pet Insurance

Believe me when I say that I have done the research, spent the time on the phone, online and in person with insurers and know what’s cooking when it comes to their coverage. The first thing I tell anyone in the market for a pet insurance plan is to read the fine print. I cannot stress this point enough. The last situation you want to be in is where you are faced with a vet bill you thought you had coverage for, when in actual fact, this specific event is excluded in your cover.

Which brings me to my personal favourite choice when it comes to quality pet healthcare cover - Oneplan.

Oneplan does everything they can to make their cover as simple and user-friendly as possible. In fact, their policies could even be understood by your pet, if he or she could read. But you get the point.

For cats over 9 years old: Oneplan’s Accident Only Cover

In digging further into their plans and policies, I came across a pretty amazing plan that does not have an age limit for pets.

For only R60 a month for your cat, you will receive an annual accident cover benefit of R8000.

This is some great coverage considering the monthly cost. Meaning you can save your wallet from the surprise costs of accidents.

While you’re here, have a look at this blog to find out more about this plan.

For cats under the age of 9

If you are fortunate enough to own a pet who is younger than 9 years of age, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to Oneplan’s coverage options.

My personal favourite is the Pet Classic Plan.

This plan includes cover for:

●        Vet visits

●        Routine care

●        Accidents

●        Illnesses

●        Kennel fees - when something happens to you and you cannot look after your pet

●        Burial and cremation

If you sign up with Oneplan and have vet visits and routine care included in your plan, then you will have a Onecard issued to you.

This unique transactional card is what Oneplan uses to preload your claims before you see the vet.

For example, Bruno needs to go for his annual vaccinations. Before you vet visit, all you have to do is log into the Oneplan App, preload your routine care claim and the funds will be transferred onto your Onecard within seconds. You can then use this card to swipe and pay for the bill at your vet’s office. It’s that easy.

Cover for expensive conditions

Another issue that many pet parents face when signing up for pet insurance when their pet is reaching the later stages of her life, are expensive issues such as hereditary and pre-existing conditions.

The great thing about Oneplan’s cover is that they include cover for these sorts of specific health concerns after a waiting period of 12 months. Which, in the long run, will most certainly help you to avoid expensive and ongoing vet bills.

Not to mention that your pet is covered for life when you sign up with Oneplan.

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Until next time,

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