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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Pet Insurance


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Understanding Pet Insurance

Don’t you just hate it when you have to scour a company’s entire website to put all the informative pieces together? Well me too. Which is why I’ve compiled the ultimate guide to pet insurance that has all the details any paw-parent could ever need - in one convenient location!

We really will do anything to protect our fur babies. We’ll pry their mouths open to remove something bad that they’re chewing on. We’ll stand up in a slight panic whenever they’re coughing up a little furball and we’ll splurge on the most expensive pet food because our pets only eat the very best.

See, on an everyday basis, we provide our pets with these microforms of affection that go a long way. They absolutely love the belly rubs, being the star of our social media pages and most importantly, showing you unconditional love.

It’s time that we do the same for them.

Providing the very best life for our four-legged pals has truly never been easier. Or more of a necessity than it is now. Actively deciding to show our best friends acts of true devotion and care means taking out comprehensive pet insurance.

Why pet insurance isn’t negotiable

Now I can probably already guess what you’re thinking. A few tummy rubs here and there and a surprise chew toy is a lot easier (and cheaper) than getting pet insurance. Both ultimately show your pet that you love them, right? Well, no.

While the fancy food and expensive toys are always met with a wagging tail, this strategy ultimately pales in comparison to the enjoyment that comprehensive pet insurance will bring. Your pet can now fully live, chew, sprint and explore knowing that they are always covered by their favourite insurer in the event something bad happens.

Your pet deserves to know that their owners will always keep them safe and sound … even when they chew on your expensive shoe! Exceptional medical care is a large part of what your pet needs, wants and deserves! So let’s give it to them!

What is pet health insurance?

Pet insurance ultimately saves you from the excruciatingly painful costs that come with private veterinarian care. Any quick Google search will prove just how common is it for pet owners to incur serious medical debt in an attempt to save their fur babies. But this just didn’t sit right with me. No family should have to endure financial strain, or worse yet, have to put their pet down, due to insufficient funds.

This is why it is crucial that you take out pet insurance.

What does pet health insurance cover?

I’ll save you the time and effort of digging through various pet insurance offerings. At Oneplan you get it all – security, affordability and customizability. Here are just a few things that are covered under their pet insurance policies.

  1. Accident cover
  2. Illness cover
  3. Kennel Fees
  4. Vet visits
  5. Routine Care

And so much more!

What isn’t covered?

  1. Foreseeable or predicted medical events
  2. Cosmetic, elective or non‐justifiable events
  3. Obesity and behavioural conditions
  4. Infertility, breeding, mating and pregnancy costs
  5. Costs incurred due to the negligence of your pet’s medical needs or health
  6. Conditions that arise due to non‐vaccination as recommended by your vet
  7. Costs relating to abuse to your pet by yourself, your family members or staff ‐ We don’t stand for animal abuse! We love our pets and treat them with respect, and so should you.
  8. Immunotherapy or cell replacement therapy

There are a few more things that aren’t covered, so make sure to familiarise yourself with their ‘general exclusions list’ outlined in their policy document.

Who is covered by pet health insurance?

Look, many pet insurance companies cover quite a variety of animals, here are a few common ones:

  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Rabbits
  4. Birds
  5. Reptiles

How much does it cost?

Now it’s important to remember that while no two pets are the same, no two pet policies are either. Why I continuously choose to praise Oneplan is because they have an exclusive range of pet policies that come with several benefits suited to your specific budget. Keep in mind that Oneplan only cover cats and dogs.

Here’s a quick rundown of their policies! 

Just make sure to tap here to see the perks and benefits of each policy because they are pawesome and worth all of the hype they receive!

Pet Accident Plan

Although the Pet Accident Plan is their basic level of pet cover, it promises to make a HUGE difference when it comes to paying the bills in the event of an accident.

How much is this plan every month?

R60 pm per pet.

Pet Hospital Plan

Their exclusive Pet Hospital Plan has been designed to help you cover the costs of accidents and/or illnesses that your pet may experience, whilst also saving you from high veterinary medical bills.

How much is this plan every month?

From R139 pm.

Pet Classic Plan

What’s great about the Pet Classic Plan is that it includes cover for routine care and vet visits! It is also a great option if you want extensive cover and protection against unexpected veterinary bills.

How much is this plan every month?

From R269 pm.

Pet Super Plan

This is by far their best plan to date! The Pet Super Plan covers everything you would need in one affordable and effective plan – that benefits both your pet and your wallet.

How much is this plan every month?

From R387 pm.

*Please note that these figures are subject to change. You can access the up-to-date prices here.

Where do you sign up?

I’m so happy that you ask (it means my plan ultimately worked) and I’m even happier to prove to you how simple it is to sign up for. Seriously, you’re about to be amazed. All you have to do is click this link right here and you will be taken straight to their official online sign-up sheet!

I guess all that’s left to say is: welcome to the paw-parent club!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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