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Watch Out: 4 Big Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Buying Pet Insurance (& How To Avoid Them)


Jade Poole from I Write Words

Big Mistake Pet Owners

Can you guess what some of these common mistakes are? Perhaps you are guilty of a few of them? We found out what the biggest mistakes are that pet parents make when it comes to pet medical cover.

Our pets are a part of our families. And just how we deserve the best medical care when we get sick, our pets deserve the same.

The cost of pet medical care can be hugely expensive. Years ago, when your pet got sick, the only option may have been euthanasia, but now, thanks to the incredible advances in veterinary sciences, our precious pets can receive the treatment they need to live for many, many years.

Which is where pet insurance comes into play…

Whilst the costs of routine care can often be worked into your budget, if your pet is seriously injured or sick, then pet insurance gives you the peace of mind you need in knowing you can afford emergency care.

Here are the 4 biggest mistakes you should avoid when it comes to pet insurance…

1. Waiting until it is too late

The top mistake pet parents make is delaying the purchase of pet insurance.

There are hundreds of people out there who only shop for pet insurance only AFTER their pet suffers from a medical issue.

While this may seem like the most logical time to research the pet insurers available to you, it is not an ideal situation for your pet or you.

When your pet is sick and you decide to get pet insurance, then this will be classified as a pre-existing condition. These are medical issues that started before your cover began and you will have to wait a certain period of time before vet bills pertaining to this issue are covered.

The best time to get pet insurance is when your pet is young and in good health. This saves you from having to wait out pre-existing conditions.

2. Picking pet insurance based on price alone

When it comes to choosing a pet insurance plan, you need to take a number of factors into consideration.

The breed of your pet is one of these factors.

Certain breeds such as pugs and other short-snouted dogs tend to suffer from breathing issues, which means you and your vet are likely to know one another on a first-name basis.

Specific dog breeds are renowned for specific health issues.

Do some research on your pet and find out about their health risks.

There is no point in choosing a pet hospital plan (a low level of cover for emergencies only) when you really need a pet plan that includes cover for routine care and vet visits too.

Another thing to keep in mind - The cheaper the plan, the less cover you get.

Think about your finances, your pet and your lifestyle and choose a plan that best suits all of these factors.

3. Not reading the fine print

So many of us are guilty of this. We choose a pet insurance policy based on cover and price and neglect to read the fine print of our contract.

This means that when it comes time to claim, there might be some exclusions you were unaware of which can lead to disappointment on your end.

Know what you covered for and more importantly, what you are not.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask your insurer about them. Find out about exclusions, routine care, waiting periods, limits, pre-existing conditions and anything else you need to know.

4. Not doing your research

You will be surprised at how many pawesome pet insurers there are out there.

This means that you have options. Don’t choose the first pet insurer you come across, research what your options are.

Find out about their customer care, the plans and their prices.

But more importantly, find out about how their claiming works.

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with an insurer who requires pages and pages of paperwork to just make one claim.

Then there’s having to wait weeks until you are reimbursed.

And is your vet included in their network?

When researching this article, I came across Oneplan Pet Insurance.

What I really liked about them is that they pay you BEFORE you see your vet and also let you go to any vet of your choice.

What’s great is that they also include kennel cover in the event that something happens to you and you can not look after your pet.

What it comes down to

So, make sure you:

●     Don’t wait until it is too late

●     Pick a pet insurance plan based on cover and then affordability

●     Make sure you read the fine print

●     Do your research

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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