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My pet is healthy - do I even need to see the vet? 5 reasons why routine care is so important for our precious pets


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From vaccinations to deworming and dental care - why it all helps to keep your pet as healthy as possible

We all love our pets and we care about their health. We will do anything for them. Who are we kidding, they are basically the furry members of the family. And when it comes to their wellbeing and health, we want to always make sure they are happily bounding through life, right by our side.

Of course, vet and pet healthcare doesn’t come cheap! And when your dog or cat seems perfectly healthy, there’s no reason to take them to the vet? Right? You couldn't be more wrong.

Routine care is more important than you think! Just like how you have to go to the dentist once a year, or have your eyes checked, or go to your doctor for a check-up, your pet needs the same kind of attention.

But going to the vet is expensive!

SO many of us simply cannot afford routine care like deworming or vaccines and would rather take the risk than break the bank.

This is where pet insurance comes in.

Pet insurance helps cover the costs of medical care for your pet. And one insurer, Oneplan, even pays you before you see your vet of choice!

Depending on what plan you choose for your pet, some insurance plans come with amazing routine care too!

On Oneplan’s Pet Classic Plan they offer routine care cover of up to R690 a year and cover vet visits up to as much as R1120 per visit (allowing 4 visits a year!) And it will only cost you R278 a month.

Did I mention they also have fantastic accident and illness cover and also include kennel fees in case something happens to you and you are unable to look after your pet?

Why is routine care so important?

Routine care helps to ensure that your pet is healthy and stays that way! It allows for any health changes to be addressed, underlying diseases to be caught early and aids in preventing potential issues such as deadly viruses (through vaccines).

1. Vaccines

Deadly and highly contagious diseases such as Distemper and Parvo can be prevented in puppies with just one simple vaccine. The same goes for the dangerous and deadly Feline Leukemia Virus and Panleukopenia virus in cats.

All puppies and kittens need to have vaccines for various diseases common in South Africa in order to protect them from being at risk. Even old pets need to have boosters to keep them safe.

2. Tick and flea control and prevention

Did you know that ticks and fleas can cause serious harm to your pet? They are tiny parasites that can harbour diseases and cause a number of health issues.

Lyme disease is an example of a tick-borne illness. Fleas can also carry tapeworms and cause severe skin rashes and allergies.

3. Dental care

Dental care is so important when it comes to preventing infection and other serious conditions that can stem from gum disease. Just like us, pets need to have their teeth cleaned, polished and brushed too!

Starting at age 1, your vet should clean your pet’s teeth at least once a year.

Without this routine dental care, your pet can develop bad breath 9sya goodbye to those morning kisses), suffer from painful tooth root abscesses and decay and if they have gum disease, then this bacteria can seep into their bloodstream and result in a severe infection.

Your pet’s diet also plays a huge role in preventing plaque and tartar build-up. Soft foods stick to your pet’s teeth and can harbour bacteria. Kibble and pellets are often the better choices as they help to break down the plaque and even clean the teeth.

There are also some great dental treats you can give your dog to chew on to help prevent the build-up of bacteria.

4. Deworming

Intestinal worms can make your pet incredibly ill. Every 3 to 4 weeks puppies and kittens need to be dewormed and every 3 to 6 months for adult pets.

5. Spaying and neutering

You might not have known that spaying and neutering are seen as preventative care. Neutering in males to eliminate their risk of testicular cancer and improves their behaviour by decreasing their aggression and their need for marking their territory with urine.

Spaying a female is even more vital! Females that are unspayed are at risk of infection and cancer.

Make sure your pet is always healthy and living their best life through regular routine care. And better yet, save yourself and your wallet the stress of vet bills and get pet insurance that is affordable, simple and cuddle-worthy with Oneplan.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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