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3 Reasons Why Your Vet Wants You To Have Pet Insurance


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Purchasing a pet insurance plan is not only a responsible decision to make as a pet parent, but it can also save you thousands of rands in vet bills. But don’t let me try and convince you, here’s why your vet loves pet insurance…

One of the biggest reasons why pet owners do not purchase pet insurance plans is because they do not think it will save them money and view it as a luxury expense. When in actual fact, this mindset couldn't be further from the truth.

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Pet insurance saves you money

As any pet parent knows, your pet is not just a companion, they are a furry member of your family. And just how you look after your own health and the health of your family, you want to ensure your pet receives the same care.

And as we all know, veterinary care is expensive.

Thanks to the incredible advances in medicine and pet healthcare, our pets are now living longer, healthier and happier lives. And while this is the ultimate goal for any pet owner, it comes with a hefty price tag in terms of both preventive and emergency care.

This is where pet insurance comes in. If you have a pet healthcare plan, then depending on your benefits in your chosen plan, pet insurance helps to cover the costs of both routine care and vet visits, as well as emergency care, accident cover and illness cover.

Let’s look at a real-life scenario

Your precious Bruno is hit by a car. You rush him to the vet to get the care he needs. Your vet then conducts an MRI scan to identify the severity of the injuries, this costs roughly R10 000. If an MRI is not conducted, then an X-ray will cost roughly R3 000.

That’s not including the treatment costs and consultation fee.

If specialised surgery is required, this will typically cost over R10 000.

If you don’t have pet insurance, these costs come out of your own pocket. With pet insurance, you can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that your insurer will help foot the bill.

Why your vet wants you to have pet insurance

The biggest reason why your vet wants you to have pet insurance is that while most pet parents have money issues and budget constraints, with pet insurance, you have the financial freedom to give your pet the healthcare she needs.

A number of pet parents put pressure on their vets to give them a ‘good’ rate. And whilst you might think that this is fair considering your vet cares about the health of your pet, it’s not fair on your vet who has staff to pay, overheads to meet and other medical expenses and costs to cover.

Here’s why your vet wants you to get a pet healthcare plan (like, right now).

1. Pet insurance makes you a responsible pet parent

Pet owners who have pet insurance are typically very responsible. They are quick to take their pet to the vet when they think something is wrong with their pet.

Those without pet insurance might wait a number of days before seeing the vet. During this time their pet’s condition worsens.

As the health of your pet declines, the vet bill for treatment increases.

Pet insurance also helps to promote preventive healthcare. If you have a pet healthcare plan that includes cover for vet visits and routine care, then this encourages you to take your pet to the vet for regular check-ups.

Preventive healthcare helps your vet to detect and treat any underlying health concerns before they develop into more serious conditions.

2. Pet insurance owners are informed

Most pet owners who have a pet insurance policy have their pet’s best interests at heart. This also means you will ensure your pet’s health is a top priority in your life.

Because of this, you are more likely to be clued up and informed on vaccinations your pet needs, illnesses and other health conditions you need to protect your pet from.

Vets have also noted that pet owners with pet insurance will research about their pet’s health condition and take pride in educating themselves on pet healthcare.

3. Pet parents with pet cover are involved

The majority of pet parents truly love and care for their pets, but this does not mean they are interested in learning about their pet’s health.

Those with pet insurance plans are more involved in their pet’s health, their routine care plan and their annual vaccinations and shots, as well as things like deworming and tick and flea control,  are all top of mind.

So, do the responsible thing and get pet insurance. It’s more than worth it (trust me, I’ve done the research).

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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