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Does pet insurance really make financial sense?


Jade Poole from I Write Words

I've had a OnePlan pet insurance product for a year now, and I thought it would be a great idea to share what I've paid in, versus how much I've been paid out. If you have a dog or a cat, you might be on the fence about pet insurance, so perhaps this short blog post will change your mind.

I added a new bulldog to the family this time last year, and I was concerned about the potential Vet bills. So, I decided to put my dog onto a “medical aid” with OnePlan at R360 a month (cheaper options are available).
  • In the 11 months I have been with OnePlan, I have paid in R3960 in premiums.
  • In the 11 months I have been with OnePlan, they have paid me out R3803 for claims
Now you might be thinking that it would have been a wiser idea just to have saved the money and self-funded the bills.

It would have, except for this little fact that you are missing - the plan I have chosen (SuperPlan) has a day-to-day benefit (like a medical aid you belong to) and an in-hospital benefit.

The R360 a month not only includes day-to-day benefits, which has basically paid me out as much as I have paid in, but it has extensive in-hospital cover, which I had the luxury of having but didn't need to claim against.

When it comes to pet insurance, most people miss a critical point: You might be able to pick up the odd Vet bill, but what happens if your three dogs decide to take a gap while you are pulling your car into the garage and end up being hit by a car that is driving down the road?

Do you have R100 000 lying around to pay for their hospital bills?

I've scored this year because this is the only insurance policy I own which has allowed me to claim as much as I have contributed. And I had the peace of mind knowing that if my dog landed up at the Vet for an extended period of time, those bills would have also been covered.

Unless you have some cash stashed away for a “pet emergency” do the smart thing and insure your pooch.

Until next time.

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