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Grooming Your Dog At Home



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Home grooming of dogs is surprisingly popular – even though it may seem daunting and like quite a messy affair. The plus sides are that grooming your dog at home allows you to spend more time with it, you save money and you also get to learn a trick or two about looking after your dog’s physical appearance. Home grooming can be slightly difficult (depending on the size and nature of your dog), but can be a success if correctly executed from the beginning to the end.

Set a Suitable Time

Choosing the correct time of day to groom your dog is important. Choosing a time in the day when your dog is more relaxed can go a long way in helping your pet be more calm and cooperative. Tire your dog out by taking him for a walk or run before grooming.

Choose the Right Shampoo and Comb

Choosing the correct shampoo for your dog really does make a difference. Shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs will be less harmful and more of a pleasant experience for your pet than using a generic shampoo for humans. Pet shampoos have been formulated to control fleas and be gentle on your pet’s skin and fur. Choosing the right comb for the correct length and texture for your dog is also of equal importance. You don’t want a comb or brush snagging on your pet’s fur and hurting him! For dogs that have short hair, short combs would work best. For dogs with medium hair, a single or double rake comb can help get all the unreachable dirt out. For dogs with longer hair, use a double rake or straight comb. Flea combs can also do the trick.

It is also important that when rinsing your dog, you do it thoroughly. We know how dry our skin gets when soap has not been rinsed off properly, so imagine how it must feel for a dog? Soap that has been left behind can also dry your dog’s fur out, taking away shine and making it more likely to attract dirt and dust.

Keeping Paws and Nails Trimmed

It’s important to keep your dog’s nails clipped to a reasonable length, so that they are more comfortable when walking and to prevent ingrown nails. Cutting your dog’s claws can be tricky, and most dogs do not enjoy the process. Ensure that you only use a dog’s claw cutter, and if you are uncertain of your dog’s reaction to this uncomfortable procedure, take your dog to the vet where they will gladly clip its nails for a nominal cost.

Fur Care and Texture

Using baby powder on your dog’s fur will help with the detangling process. Adding sheen spray (dog conditioner) after your dog’s fur has dried will help add that extra bit of shine to really make your pet look pampered and fresh! Think of it this way, if sheen conditioner works for horses, how well would one specially formulated for dogs work? Beautifully, of course.

Following these tips can turn a worrisome wash into a wonderful one! Happy grooming day!

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