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Dynamite comes in small packages: why your Jack Russel should have pet insurance


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Jack Russel

Make sure you’re covered with these curious cuties on the loose!

Anybody who owns a Jack Russel can tell you this for free: they rock. These super energetic canines are a part of the terrier family only, they’re short for a terrier with short legs and a long torso. In South Africa, Jack Russels tend to have shorter legs than most other Jack Russel breeds and in my opinion, they’re ten times cuter that way. These zoomie little dogs can have three different kinds of furs: smooth, broken or rough and each one is just as cuddly as the next.

Many people choose to have Jack Russels in their home for their notoriously vibrant nature. They are dynamic dogs that love to play, run and get involved with family activities.

Jack Russels are independent dogs who can be left to their own devices provided that your garden is fully secure because trust me, they won’t be scared of an off-the-premises adventure. They’re explorers by heart and you can expect your Jack Russel to run into a few mischievous circumstances from time to time.

This is why you’re reading this: sometimes curious adventures can lead to unexpected accidents. Jack Russels are a breed of dog that really should have pet insurance. Their curious nature and adventurous spirit mean that whilst you’re in for a world of fun, you could be potentially in for a world of exceptionally high veterinary bills.

What’s the deal with pet insurance?

How I see It, pet insurance is a no brainer for anybody serious about making good decisions for you and your pet.

Pet insurance is how you cover yourself financially in the event of any pet emergencies, accidents, illnesses or necessary veterinary care. With the rising cost of pet care, it’s no surprise that more and more pet owners are turning towards pet insurance to protect them and their furry friends.

Insuring your pet means that you will pay a monthly premium in return for certain benefits, which all depends on the insurer you choose and the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Accidents Happen

Jack Russels are zoomie dogs and accidents are bound to happen. This is an area you want to be covered for. Even getting a simple accident plan would be a great idea for a Jack Russel owner - to have in the bag for those times things get a little boisterous or whilst you save towards getting a more comprehensive plan.

Read more about Oneplans Accident Plan here.

Common Illnesses and Disease in Jack Russel Terriers


A clouded lens in the eye that eventually makes sight blurred or completely blind. 


A case of dislocated vertebrae caused by their abnormal shape (shame).

Patellar luxation

The rotation of the kneecaps.

Lens Luxation

This is a common issue for Jack Russel’s eyes. It is a dislocated lens in their eye that, if untreated or caught too late, can lead to blindness. It is preventable and treatable if detected early - so wouldn’t it be handy if you had a pet insurance plan to cover those routine-care check-ups?

Will pet insurance cover Jack Russell’s pre-existing or hereditary conditions?

There are certain illnesses, conditions and diseases that are common in certain breeds. Diseases that are passed down through bloodlines are called hereditary diseases and it is beneficial to know what they are. When your dog gets diagnosed with a congenital or hereditary disease, you can expect at least two of these procedures to be on the agenda, and they aren’t cheap:

  • Bloodwork
  • X-ray   
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication
  • Surgical procedures

Not all insurance brokers are made equal. Some insurers will take on a pet with pre-existing or hereditary conditions and some won’t. These are health issues that your pet showed signs of or was diagnosed with BEFORE your cover began. Hereditary conditions are conditions that your pet has had passed down from their gene pool (their parents). 

That’s because insurance is a risk game and your premiums are calculated because of a few factors like age, breed, lifestyle and medical history.

I spoke to the team at Oneplan, and they’re the guys to get a hold of if you’re looking for pet insurance cover that will cover your pet for pre-existing and hereditary conditions. They offer full coverage for these conditions after a 12 month waiting period and will make sure that your policy is transparent and well-understood. Knowing what illnesses or diseases your pet is predisposed to will help you choose a well-suited policy for your current and future needs.

Choose to be covered

With comprehensive and entirely affordable options out there, you may regret not making the right pet insurance decision (which is to get pet insurance). Start your search with my friends at Oneplan - they’ve switched up insurance from the way you claim to the way you pay. Check them out here!


Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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