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4 reasons why your Frenchie needs pet insurance


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your Frenchie needs pet insurance

And it isn’t just because they’re fabulous!

French Bulldogs are a well-known breed of dog that is sought after by pet-parents around the world. Of all the bulldogs, Frenchies are considered to be the most energetic and playful of them all and expect tons of love, licks and cuddles to come your way. Their regal looks and dopey nature are enough to steal your heart and because I know how much you love your squished-nose Frenchie, I know you want to be able to care for them when they need it.

The way I see it, the most reliable way to do this is through pet insurance. Pet insurance is how you financially protect yourself and your pet in the event of medical emergencies. At its most basic, pet insurance can offer you accident cover for physical harm brought on by an unexpected accident. When you look at more comprehensive plans, you’ll find cover for accidents,  illnesses, routine care and even hereditary and congenital diseases. So, let’s look at the four reasons you should be insuring your French Bulldog:

1. They cost a lot in the first place

I’m not trying to be tacky here by bringing money up straight off the bat, but it’s true.

In the case of a French Bulldog, they do come at a hefty price. Honestly, I don’t even feel shocked anymore when somebody tells me their Frenchie cost them upwards of R15 000. Although we don’t like to put a price tag on our pets, it’s important to know the financial implications of having a pure-bred dog with common health issues and knowing that you’ll be paying a large lump sum before you get your sweet baby into your home.

2. Pet insurance will save you money

Paying a monthly premium is often going to be better than paying a huge lump sum (a huge lump sum that you didn’t see coming and a huge lump sum you haven’t saved for). A lot of people think that if they don’t claim, they will have wasted all their money on pet insurance. Let me show you another way to look at it:

Let’s say you have a Pet Classic Plan with Oneplan which costs as little as R269 (this is the starting price, please also note these prices are reflective of the date this article was written, to ensure you are up to date, click here) per month for your Frenchie (there are cheaper options available). This means you spend R3 228 for pet insurance a year. Now you’re thinking that you could have spent that money elsewhere considering you didn’t even claim. But, here’s the twist. That R3 228 also goes towards routine care and day-to-day cover (if you’re on the Pet Classic Plan or Super Plan with Oneplan).

If your dog lives until 10 years old, you will have paid R32 280 - the price tag that comes on quite a few treatments and emergency veterinary surgeries.

Just one vet bill can set you back R40 000 or more for emergency care in out of pocket costs without pet insurance. Sounds pretty worthwhile to me!

3. Lifetime medication

Frenchies have a  moderate lifespan compared to other smaller dogs! You want your dog to live a long and comfortable life, so if your French Bulldog lives until the average age of between 10 - 12 (human years, obviously), you’ll want to know you’re covered for any chronic medication, surgeries or treatments that are likely to come in the future.

Because they are prone to a series of hereditary and congenital illnesses, which we will discuss below, you need to expect that a monthly expense for medication will come somewhere down the line.

4. Hereditary and congenital illnesses

“Hereditary” conditions are conditions that have been genetically passed on through your pet’s parents or through their breed.

“Congenital” refers to a condition your pet was born with or that developed within the first four weeks from birth.

Oneplan covers both hereditary and congenital illnesses and after your 12 month waiting period, you’ll be fully covered for chronic treatment.

Common ailments in Frenchies

Because of close-bloodlines and over-breeding, pure-bred dogs do carry a higher risk of developing specific illnesses. It’s always important to know what the possible risks are so that you can get the most suitable insurance plan (and get it early, at that)

Brachycephalic Syndrome

This is a disorder that often presents itself in short-nosed dogs and targets the respiratory system. The nasal cavities, larynx and lungs are all affected. Brachycephalic syndrome can also affect other parts of the body such as the digestive system. This disorder sometimes may require reconstructive surgery.

Cherry Eye

Dogs have three eyelids (cool!) and with brachycephalic breeds, cherry eye is common. Named because of how red it can make the eye, Cherry Eye is a prolapsed eyelid that can cause an irritated, leaky eye. Again, this disorder could require surgery.

Heat Stroke

The respiratory system and short nasal passages of French Bulldogs make it difficult for them to ventilate themselves. You need to be wary of how long your dog is in the heat and to keep plenty of water on you when you go on walks (shady walks, preferably).


Environmental, skin AND food allergies, may I just add. Did somebody say expensive monthly medication?


Now that you know all you need to know, enjoy your time with your regal hound and enjoy all the whistles and snorts that come from that lovely (expensive) nose!


Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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