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The Secret To Handling The 3 Most Common Frustrations Pet Owners Face


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The Secret To Handling

Why is pet insurance so complicated? And how can you steer clear of these insurance-inspired hassles? Discover how to pick an insurer that will help you avoid the typical policy, cost and claims struggles when trying to find the best healthcare cover possible for your perfect pet.

The complications and the cure

There are many great reasons to invest in pet insurance. When your beloved friend suffers from an illness or injury, a pet insurance plan can really save you the stress of those expensive veterinary bills. But, despite the benefits of  being covered for any illness or accident-related vet bills, pet insurance providers seem to have a reputation for being particularly difficult and a cause of mounting frustration for pet owners when it comes to the policies of a plan and the claims process.

I know firsthand that the specifics of premiums and policies can be a minefield, which is why I’m going to address 3 biggest problems with pet insurance - and how to avoid them. So why do customers really find insurance so complicated?

1. Confusing policies

While finding the right pet insurance and the perfect plan for your pet may be difficult, it seems that, for most pet owners, the biggest frustration is actually due to legal jargon and policy fine-print that they have to deal with. Confusing policies and complex wording filled with financial terms and legal jargon can make it difficult to find the right plan. There are loads of different limitations and considerations (such as waiting periods) that many pet owners may not know about.

There are also specific services that are excluded from many pet insurance pals - but these vary between providers. It’s surprising how many pet owners are actually unaware of what isn’t covered when it comes to their pet insurance. Some pet care plans often exclude really important services like routine care and cover for pre-existing conditions, leaving pet owners to carry the burden of these basic, day-to-day costs themselves.

Believe me, you’d be surprised how quickly these costs can add up. Many owners don’t realize they're not covered for this before it's too late and end up shouldering a number of treatments that their insurer won’t cover - such as vaccinations, sterilization and deworming.

So, how can you avoid this situation? The trick is to take the time to go through your plan. Don’t just take the plan at face-value. Look for all the small details or and hidden provisions that clarify which type of cover is included, and what is not. Make sure to check how your insurer defines ‘pre-existing conditions’ as chronic illnesses are almost never covered by new policies.

Another good idea is to take a look at an insurer like Oneplan who guarantee routine cover in their Pet Classic Plan and Pet Super Plan, as well as a routine care add-on option with any other plan. With Oneplan’s affordable pet insurance, you always know exactly what you're getting and that your precious pet will have access to the very best care.


The 3 Most Common

2. The refusal of claims

Unfairly rejected claims is a big issue for many pet owners who face an never-ending struggle when trying to successfully claim from their pet insurance provider. When it comes to making a claim, unfortunately, many pet owners are caught out by the fine-print limits to their cover. There are a variety of common reasons for insurers to refuse claims. This includes insurers claiming the pet already had a pre-existing condition, that a pet is too old, and that the fees for a treatment are too high to be covered (it is common for pet owners to max out their claims limit without realizing it until the next necessary treatment). In some countries, research even shows 37% of pet insurance claims are rejected.

There is a solution to this common cause of frustration though. With a pet insurance provider like Oneplan, you’ll find that the claims process is easy, stress-free and always fair. Using the Oneplan app, you can log claims easily without needing to fill out any forms or paperwork. Oneplan even lets you lodge upfront claims for vet visits and, if you’re on the Classic or Super Pet Plan, Oneplan loads cash for vet visits and routine care claims onto your Onecard before you see the vet.

3. Premium increases and hidden costs.

Like most cost-conscious pet owners, I know that every penny counts. That's why there's no bigger frustration than dealing with unexpected costs or premiums that increase annually. Sometimes, premiums can increase due to unavoidable things like a pet’s age (the older they are, the more they are seen to be a risk in the eyes of most pet insurance providers) or your claims history. Premiums can increase if your pet has been sick or injured during the past year and you made a claim. The claims history might indicate to insurers a greater possibility of your pet needing more treatment in the future - and that’s one thing insurers don't like to hear.

Some insurers also increase their premiums purely for profit and are willing to lose customers for the chance to earn a little extra on the premiums each month. Many pet owners are then left disappointed with their plan renewal and inflating premiums - typically with no added benefit to their type of cover.

That’s why it's important to know exactly what kind of premiums you can expect each month. Oneplan’s pawsome pet insurance plans guarantee that your premiums will stay the same each month (and you’ll always be the first to know about any updates or policy changes). Any additional costs are also always openly explained - like the R160 administration fee for Oneplan’s Onecard - a once off cost.


Frustrations Pet Owners Face

The final word

The world of pet insurance and policies can be a tricky place. That’s why it’s important to find an insurer who makes the complex process easier and puts their customers first. For a family-friendly insurer that really understands the healthcare needs of your pet, try an insurance provider like Oneplan.

With Oneplan, you know exactly what kind of service you're getting and you can rest easy with the assurance that there are no hidden costs or catches. All you have to do is focus on the health wellbeing of your furry best friend. 

Get a quote directly from Oneplan today and experience an insurer that delivers affordable pet insurance and really cares about providing reliable, quality pet care.

Until next time, 

The Pet Insurance Team

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