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T’is the season: The best gift for your fur baby


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The best gift for your fur baby

This year I think that you should probably amp up your gift-giving skills when it comes to your pet. Yes, the dog bones and chew toys are great, but I think I’ve stumbled onto the great pet gift yet!

As you know, the holiday season is about showing a little more love to those that bring you joy throughout the year. And that includes your fur baby! So let’s not forget to add their names to your gift list as your best bud deserves the very best too. So let’s give it to them!

The ultimate pet Christmas gift

We’ve all admittedly had quite the year, and so has your pet! They have had to acclimatise to having you work from home and seeing their favourite human every day. They also had to say goodbye to daily walks during the stringent lockdown period. So when you think about it, they’ve had to adjust too.

And what do we do when our pet is well behaved? We give them a treat.

But I’m not talking about a little tummy scratch of an edible snack. I’m talking about comprehensive cover! Imagine the peace of mind that you and your pet will have knowing that if they should experience an injury or illness, they have access to the best medical attention.

What more could they ask for? You know, besides another treat.

What exactly is pet insurance?

Okay before I get into specifics here, you must understand that no pet is immune to illnesses or accidents. It’s the honest truth – just ask any veterinarian! And while this may seem rather morbid, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and its pet health insurance.

Pet insurance is essentially your way to deflect medical and veterinary bills to your insurance company. Instead of paying for the emergencies, health and wellness of your pet, your insurer will step in and cover it for you.

Pet insurance covers a range of animals, with most pet insurers specifically focusing on cats and dogs.

However don’t let that make you panic if those aren’t your pet babies, as there are a few insurers that will cover other pet species like rabbits, birds and snakes.

How does pet insurance work

I may enjoy a good paragraph, but I think it’ll be easier said in bullet form. You may also notice how this process looks a little familiar!

  1. You sign up for a comprehensive pet insurance plan
  2. You bring your pet to a local vet for a check-up, accident or if they’re sick
  3. You pay for the treatment upfront
  4. Submit your claim to your insurance provided
  5. Get reimbursed for the treatment costs

It’s as easy as that!  Especially given the fact that it works much like your own human health insurance. So if you can take out this coverage for yourself, why not do it for your pet too?

My pet insurer of choice

I know that searching the internet, scouring pet insurance websites and listening to dreaded music while you wait for a broker sounds like a lot of work. And it kind of is. So to help make this easier I did all the grunt work.

And I have found the ultimate pet insurer for your household. You can just add the name Oneplan to your Christmas list now.

Unlike many other pet insurance companies that liberally use the term “comprehensive” Oneplan really does mean it and they have all of the perks to prove it to you. Here are a few to give you a little snapshot of what they can do for all of your pet parents:

  1. You receive your personal Onecard debit card called the Onecard
  2. You get fronted with cash before you see your vet
  3. You can choose any medical veterinarian institution of your choice
  4. Routine cover is included in all of their pet insurance plans
  5. You can adjust your premium whenever you’d like.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping by securing comprehensive pet health insurance for your four-legged friend because they truly deserve it. And quite frankly, so do you.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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