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Pet insurance plans: what’s out there and how to pick one


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Pet insurance plans

When it comes to choosing the best pet insurance policy for your furry friend, who’s really got you covered?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that diving into any insurance policy without thorough investigation is just not an option. For something that you are paying for every four weeks, you need to know exactly where your money is going and that you will reap the benefits should the time come that you need it. You need to know that you are well covered on all fronts and that you have chosen a plan that slots perfectly into your life.

I decided I would do some digging into what the pet insurance plan landscape looks like at the moment and in all honesty, it’s cluttered. There are tons of providers offering to look after your pet’s health for unbearably cheap premiums which sounds all good and well until the fine print that you skim read comes back to bite you.

What are your options then? From my side, I can recommend a few comprehensive plans that have been created with the ethos of affordability, comprehensibility and ease. I’ll run you through them, why I think they’re awesome and what you and your pet need to do to get on board!

Why have a Pet Insurance Plan?

If you could sit with me for a day and listen to the truly horrific stories of debt and unpayable vet bills, we wouldn’t need to have this discussion but for the sake of being on the same page, let’s do it.

Pet Insurance is going to be the saving grace that stands between you, your sick pet and the decision of whether you not you can afford to keep them alive. As veterinary science becomes more advanced and technology adds impressive solutions to diagnoses and treatment, so vet bills become enormously expensive. Even somebody who does have the funds to finance an emergency surgery or overnight accident on the spot would be taken aback.

I don’t believe that anybody should have to suffer financial strain as a consequence for giving your pet access to effective healthcare - I believe that there is a pet insurance policy out there for every man and his dog and here are the ones I think you should consider.

Who is Oneplan?

Oneplan is a team very close to my heart - they are the perfect balance of pet people and insurance people and it shows through their offerings and service. Oneplan strives for seamless, hassle-free insurance and yes, they nail it. Here are some examples of their unique strategies to make your life significantly easier:

  1. They let you go to any vet of your choice
  2. You and your furry bestie get to experience top-tier insurance with extensive benefits
  3. Benefit from instant process claims
  4. Cover for accidents AND illness
  5. Zero hassle app-based insurance - more time to play and cuddle, yes, please!

Pet Accident Plan

Please note that these prices are reflective of the date that this article was written. For up to date pricing, please follow this link.

A Pet Accident Plan is a really basic cover that won’t cost you must but will still benefit you and your pet in the event of an accident. That’s pretty much where it stops though - this plan covers accidents only. Think about the wild circumstances you can’t predict like a dog fight, electrocution, near drowning or eating a foreign object, these are the incidents that require a plan like a Pet Accident Plan to be in place.

With Oneplan, you can join this plan for R60 a month (that’s only two cappuccinos these days) and be eligible for R8 000 in accident cover. Oneplan has no age limit or waiting period for older doggos on this plan - so if your dog is in their golden years and you want a little something to protect them, a Pet Accident Plan is a good decision.

Pet Hospital Plan

A Pet Hospital Plan goes one step further than an accident only plan as it includes emergency care for illnesses as well as accidents. If your pet needs to stay overnight in a hospital, best believe you’re going to want insurance to help you out before your bill becomes a five-digit number before your eyes.

From R139 per month your pet will have up to R45 000 as an annual limit. Oneplan’s Pet Hospital Policy covers you for up to R35 000 for accidents and up to R32 000 for illnesses and to top it all off, you will have kennel cover for up to R165 per day with an annual limit of R1 650.

How does Oneplan Calculate Premiums?

If you ask me, Oneplan calculates their premiums in the most thorough way possible. With a team of qualified professionals, the way that Oneplan proposes premiums to their clients is all because they understand one simple thing: no two pets are the same.

Oneplan utilizes a risk profile dependent strategy to create an individual premium for you based on your budget, needs and expectations. Based on the breed, age and health history of your pet, Oneplan will adjust your premiums accordingly.

Pet Classic Plan

The Pet Classic Plan by Oneplan Insurance is a policy you just can’t go wrong with. It is entirely comprehensive and covers all the finer details of pet ownership like visits to the vet, routine care, kennel boarding fees and an annual limit of R48 000. Pet owners are required to pay R269 per month for this policy. 

My advice for pet owners with puppies or kittens - if you are thinking about an all-round policy for your pet, get them on board when they’re young to enjoy better premiums in years to come.

Pet Super Plan

The Pet Super Plan offered by Oneplan is like the Ferrari of Pet Insurance Plans without the exclusivity - this plan is for anybody and everybody who wants their pet covered every step of the way (in other words, my kind of people). There are plenty of benefits including per annum for Vet Visits and R850 per annum for Routine Care. With an annual limit of R70 000, you will always have peace of mind knowing that you won’t wake up one day having to scramble for tens of thousands of rands you just don’t have.

You can find out more about Oneplans Pet Super Plan here.

Please click on this link for updated pricing as these prices are reflective of the date on which this article was written.

Oneplan is leading the way when it comes to combining a love for insurance with a genuine love for the wellbeing of animals and their owners. Contact one of the fantastic team members here to get insurance for your pet this year.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team. 

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