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4 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Insure The Health Of Your Puppy


Jade Poole

Insure The Health Of Your Puppy

Does it really make financial sense to insure the health of your younger pet? From their curious natures landing them in tricky situations to regular vet visits and routine care costs, here’s why pet insurance should be at the top of your ‘new-puppy-to-do-list.’

There is nothing quite like the feeling of bringing your new puppy home for the first time. It’s a magical time of joy, love, excitement and of course, cuddles. 

However, this time does not only come with curiosity from your puppy, but it prompts some questions from you as a new or even seasoned pet parent. 

While every new pet is unique in their own way, with different diet and healthcare needs (which largely depends on the breed of your puppy), this is a major period of transition and change. 

With this time of change comes some unexpected situations and expensive vet bills, which can be better prepared for with pet insurance

In fact, if you want a little more insight into the costs of pet ownership and how pet insurance can help save you money, have a look at this article on the topic. 

Why pet insurance makes financial sense (even for younger pets)

I’ve written on why it pays to insure the health of your younger pet before (you can have a look at that article right here). For the majority of pet parents, insurance for their pets may seem to only make financial sense as their pet gets older. The thinking is that older pets are more prone to health conditions and require regular check-ins with their vet as they get older. This thinking isn’t far from the truth, but keep in mind that younger pets come with their own health risks and reasons for vet visits (vaccines, sterilisations, deworming etc.) 

However, as previously stated in the article mentioned above, the sooner you insure the health of your pet, the better. Not only will pet insurance allow you to avoid expensive vet bills, but it will also encourage regular routine care, which, in turn, can result in your pet leading a longer and healthier life. 

Don’t wait until it is too late to insure your pet

Think about it this way, most people wait until they are older to get medical aid or health insurance. Sure, financial constraints may have a large role to play in this decision, but many of us have experienced the stress and burden of unexpected doctor bills without having some form of healthcare cover in place. The same thinking applies to pet insurance

Moral of the story: don’t wait until your pet is sick or old to insure their health. 

In this article, I’m going to get into the 4 reasons how a pet insurance policy can save you money, give you peace of mind and prepare you and your family for both expected and unexpected vet bills. 

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4 reasons why it pays to insure the health of your puppy

1. Puppies are naturally curious

The moment your puppy walks into his or her new home, they are riddled with excitement and curiosity to explore this new and unknown world. 

As they get to know their new home and family, they might fumble, fall and hurt themselves in their quest to explore. What happens when your puppy swallows something she shouldn’t have? Or when she falls from a height after losing her footing at the top of the stairs? 

An MRI scan to detect and identify the exact scale of your puppy’s injuries usually costs between R9 500 to R10 000. Just an ordinary X-ray for your dog is about R3 000. These costs are excluding consultation fees and any treatment costs and medication required.

2. “They grow up so fast”

As cliché as this saying might seem, it will certainly ring true for the majority of pet owners reading this. One minute you have a curious 8-week old puppy bounding around your home, and the next your dog is 2 years old. As your dog gets older, his or her risk of diseases and illness will increase. Just like how as humans we are more likely to get sick or break bones the older we get, the same health risks apply to older dogs. 

Also, keep in mind that health concerns such as pre-existing conditions are often not covered by pet insurance companies. These are specific conditions that existed before your cover begins with a pet insurance plan.

However, Oneplan Pet Insurance will cover pre-existing conditions after a 12 month waiting period. 

3. Your puppy is a part of your family

Oneplan Routine Care

Your furry little friend is as much a part of your family as any other member (human or otherwise). This means that as a pet parent, you want your pet to receive the best possible care when they need it most. 

4. Routine care costs will start to add up

With pet insurance, depending on your chosen plan, routine care benefits such as sterilisation, tick and flea control, vaccinations and regular checkups and required regularly during the first year of your puppy’s life. If you have chosen a plan that includes cover for routine care costs and vet visits, then you can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing you do not have to dip into your savings to afford these forms of preventive care costs. 

Start your puppy’s life with you the right way and get pet insurance that can save you from both expected and unexpected costs.

Until next time, 

The Pet Insurance Team 

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