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When Is The Right Time To Insure The Health Of Your Pet?


Jade Poole from I Write Words


Here are the 3 most common misconceptions about pet insurance and the right time to get it.

When it comes to pet insurance, the best time to get it is the moment you bring your precious pet home.

In fact, getting a pet insurance policy is the first and most important step you can take as a responsible pet parent.

There’s no doubt that pet insurance makes financial sense. If you don’t believe me, then check out this article I wrote on this exact topic. The fact of the matter is that a pet healthcare plan is a surefire way to save you from surprise costs.

Pet medical insurance can save you thousands of rands in vet bills. And that’s not all, having pet medical cover also saves you from having to make life or death decisions about your pet based on your own ability to pay the vet bills. Meaning that with pet insurance, your only option in the face of high vet bills does not have to be euthanasia.

Not having pet insurance puts you at risk for sizable and unpredictable vet bills.

3 misconceptions of pet insurance and the right time to take out a policy

1. My young pet does not need cover right now

The key to pet insurance is early enrollment, and this ensures your puppy or kitten has immediate cover against any unexpected medical bills.

You might think that your pet only needs insurance when they are older and are thus prone to health issues, but keep in mind that even young pets can suffer from infections, dental conditions and broken bones.

The sooner you insure the health of your pet, the better. It’s that simple.

Have a look at this article on the topic as to why pet insurance for your younger pet makes sense.

2. I only need pet insurance when my pet is sick

This is like only getting medical aid or health insurance when you’re involved in an accident or you come down with a chest infection. It just doesn’t work that way.

In fact, this point alone has it’s very own blog post. Check it out right here.

Insurance works as a form of risk management. This means that for a small monthly premium, your pet’s health is covered in the event of an accident. And of course, depending on your chosen plan, your pet might also have benefits for vet visits and routine care.

Insurance will not cover you for vet bills if your pet is already sick. If your pet is diagnosed with a health condition before your cover begins, then there will be certain waiting periods that apply. This means that for a specified period of time, you CANNOT claim for any health costs related to that specific health issue.

For example, if your pet is diagnosed with diabetes and due to this you decide to get insurance, then most insurers will have a waiting period of 12 months for a condition like this. This means your vet bills relating to the diabetes are NOT covered for the first 12 months after signing your policy document.

Which brings me to the next point…

3. I only need insurance when my dog is older and prone to health issues

You are correct in saying that older pets are more at risk of health conditions. Cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases are commonly known to affect older pets, the same goes for humans.

Have a look at this blog article on a similar topic, you might find it rather interesting.

What you need to keep in mind is that there are age limits to pet insurance policies. The common age limit is 8 years old. This means that if your pet is older than this, you cannot insure them.

That’s not all.

Because your pet is now prone to disease and age-related health concerns, you will have to take out a more comprehensive plan to help cover the costs of vet bills. Which is a bigger expense on your part.

When your pet is young, you can get a more affordable plan (such as emergency cover only) you can slowly work your way up to a better plan as your pet gets older.

Oh, and did I mention that when you insure your pet when she is young, this might even improve her health in the long run as routine care and regular check-ups are covered (depending on your plan)?

This preventive care can also help detect any health issues before they develop into something more serious (and expensive).

Insure your pet today

The best time to sign up for a pet insurance policy is right now (seriously). Whether you just brought your brand new 8-week old puppy home or your older cat is 5 years old, illnesses and accidents can take place when you least expect them.

Investing in your pet’s health as soon as possible is an effective way to ensure their health (and your wallet) is covered, regardless of what happens (according to your limits and benefits, of course).

Pet insurance not only helps your pet to lead a happy, healthy and long life, but it also gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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