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Raising Kids with Pets


Jade Poole from I Write Words

As anyone who has grown up with a pet will attest, there is nothing better than having your very own furry best friend by your side as you grow and learn. Many scientific studies have proven that there are many social, physiological and emotional benefits to children being raised alongside pets.

Here are just a few benefits to raising kids with pets:
  • Unconditional love: Childhood can be tricky when it comes to navigating playground squabbles and fickle friendships. Your child’s pet will love them unconditionally and always be there for support and comfort without judgment. This can help a lonely child immensely and give your child a good idea of what it means to be a loyal friend.
  • Teaching empathy and responsibility:Ensure that your child is involved in taking care of their pet. Have they got water in their bowl, do they need to go outside, are they hungry? All these questions and considerations in caring for their pet help teach your child to think of others and not only themselves. Furthermore, teaching your child that they need to help keep their pet alive, happy and healthy teaches them the importance of being responsible.
Tips for raising kids with pets:
  • Training is key: Dogs, particularly puppies, can sometimes be boisterous and a bit rough. If your dog is still young, ensure that you have trained him not to jump up on people or furniture as he could knock your little one down. Other important commands are sit, stay and come, so that you can control your dog in different situations involving your child.
  • Food time: Irrespective of how docile your dog is or how well trained, animals tend to be finicky around food. Teach your child to never go near your dog or try pet him or play with him while he is eating.
  • Teaching your child: From a very young age, teach your child how to treat an animal. No pulling of legs, ears or tails, no rough play, never approach a dog from behind, and never to surprise a sleeping dog.
  • Remember these ‘NEVER’ rules:
    • Never let your child climb on your dog or try ‘ride’ your dog.
    • Always supervise interactions or playtime between your dog and child.
    • Don’t let your child try pick up a cat or dog, ever.
    • Never let your child dress up your dog or treat them as a toy.
    • Never let younger children walk your dog even with supervision.
Above all else, remember to enjoy this special time between your child and pet. Take lots of photos and enjoy the memories made playing and bonding – before long, both will be all grown up!

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