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Should You Get a Dog or a Cat?


Jade Poole from I Write Words

If you’re an animal person, chances are you’d love both a dog and a cat. However, space restrictions, budget and other factors need to be taken into consideration before adopting two animals at the same time. Furthermore, the decision is not so much about dog vs. cat, but more about which animal suits your lifestyle and family best.

If you love both cats and dogs equally and are really struggling to decide between each, we’ve compiled some points to help guide you in your decision:

How active are you?

Dogs require a lot of exercise and daily walks. If you are the ‘outdoorsy’ type and enjoy venturing outside regularly, then you could enjoy the company of a dog – who will enjoy yours in return just as much. Regular exercise is crucial to the health and wellbeing of your dog, and if you work late hours or find that this may become a chore, then getting a dog is not for you.

This considered, if you are not someone who is very active and don’t or aren’t able to get out much, then you may be more suited to owning a cat who will be happy to relax around your home with you.

How big is your home?

This includes your garden. Most dog breeds aren’t suited to apartment living, whereas a cat will be perfectly content in a limited living space. Furthermore, dogs require a garden of some sort, in order to run around and use the bathroom – whilst cats can use a litterbox indoors and don’t need to roam and run around as dogs do.

How much time do you have?

Although all pets need love and attention, dogs are definitely much needier than cats. If you work out of home all day, your dog will not take well to being isolated and alone. Dogs are pack animals and need to be a part of the family. They will pine for you and may even whine, bark and disturb your neighbours, and get into destructive habits such as chewing or excessive digging. Cats, on the other hand, are perfectly content to relax by themselves all day, and even if you go away, they will be fine with a pet sitter popping in to feed them twice a day.

In addition to your time consideration, remember that dogs don’t only need regular exercise, they also need to be played with and entertained, whereas a cat happily entertains itself and will seek affection from you only when it feels like it.

Think about your family structure.

There is nothing more touching than the bond between children and a dog. A dog will play with your child, protect it and be the best friend anyone could ask for. Thus, if you have children, a dog may be more suitable than a cat because it is more readily willing to accept affection and playfulness. However, keep in mind that all children should be taught how to respect and play nicely with any dog or cat, whether their own or not.

If you don’t have children in the house but are looking for a quiet, relaxed companion, a cat may be better for you. A cat will not be excited by playing games with children so it is definitely more suitable to someone older and calmer.

Both dogs and cats are a joyous addition to any home. You may be a ‘cat’ person, or you may be a ‘dog’ person, but the key is to knowing which pet will suit your home and family best and ensuring you can afford the pet the time, medical attention, love and home it needs to live a happy, long and fulfilled life.

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